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MEDIAPRO production of the Barça - Malaga match using 3D technology in the Malaga Exhibition Centre was a big success

The 3D events are hugely popular by all the attendees

On Monday MEDIAPRO produced the FC Barcelona Malaga CF match in 3D, with the game being screened live in the Malaga Exhibition Centre. Cutting edge technology and the MEDIAPRO group know-how ensured the very best coverage of the match. The technology used has been developed by the MEDIAPRO R+D department along with Medialuso and Kronomav.

The signal was transmitted in HD side-by-side format from the Camp Nou, where the team used 8 3D camera positions. A digital film projector showed the images on an 80 m² screen inside the FYCMA building along with Dolby 5.1 sound. For the viewing of the match the attendees wore special reusable 3D glasses.

In-house technology for cutting edge future

The MEDIAPRO R+D department has been presented with a series of difficult challenges over the last two years and this season being no different with the start of 3D match coverage in large-screen format, an experience which will soon become more mobile with plans to take the coverage of the BBVA League to a variety of different cities over the rest of the season.


With two years of hard work under its belt with countless tests and trial productions carried out in 3D by the MEDIAPRO R+D department the coverage is now reaching the viewing public with matches such as the last Barça-Madrid game, the Copa del Rey, the World Surf Championships, the Estoril Open as well as its use in documentaries, adverts, and other events such as the human towers for TV3 and coverage of the concerts by Klepht and Pedro Abrunhosa in Portugal.

The MEDIAPRO R+D department has also developed its own coverage language which is adapted specifically for the 3D football broadcasts. The coverage has to take into account factors such as shot angles, camera position changes, analysis of the coverage speed as well as frame composition.