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JM Rental High-Definition 3D LED Screens Wow Visitors to CT Open Days

3D is undoubtedly having a significant impact on the events market

Late January saw leading audio visual and technical staging supplier Creative Technology (CT) stage a series of open days which highlighted the technology and processes involved in creating and displaying 3D video content. One of the highlights was undoubtedly JM Rental’s 3D R4 LED panels.

The open days took place on 26th - 27th January at London’s Riverside Studios and were attended by over 250 of CT’s clients and friends. Titled ‘Video Another Dimension’ they were jointly held with sister company Presteigne Charter and provided a unique opportunity to learn more about 3D.

The best display systems were on prominent display and included the groundbreaking Circular Polarisation 3D R4 LED panels from JM Rental. A state-of-the-art 3D displays offering suitable for exhibitions and other high ambient environments, the panels feature a custom-designed polarising filter applied to the front surface of each LED module.

At the size of 9 x 7 panels ( 5.76 m wide x 3.36 m high), the screen delivers stunning 3D images, but also wide viewing angles, unsurpassed colour uniformity and contrast level, while benefiting from the use of low cost glasses for spectacular public viewing.

“We are very pleased that the 3D R4 LED panels attracted a lot of interest and very favourable comments at CT’s open days,” says JM Rental’s Kenneth Yip. “3D is undoubtedly having a significant impact on the events market, as proved by the rapturous reception for our 3D panels at the FIFA World Cup FES Super Public Viewing event staged in the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama City, Japan during last year’s World Cup where we had built mega 3D LED display by using more than 210 sq.m 3D R4 LED panels.”


“In the past 18 months, JM Rental has spent thousands of hours to accumulate 3D technical experiences, from polarization technology to the processors, finding the right combination for high-definition 3D LED Display which inarguably to be world’s newest LED display technology.”

“3D is coming out of the cinemas into mainstream entertainment and JM Rental is proud to be at the forefront of this revolutionary display medium.” added Mr. Yip.

The ultra high resolution 3D LED display together with LCM-4K processor ended the Open Days with great success. This event marked the first step of collaborative efforts between CT and JM Rental to promote 3D technologies globally.

With the great success of the Open Days in London, CT USA and JM Rental will further their collaboration during New York International Auto Show 2011. Pending to reach another peak and share this superb and magnificent 3D technology to US audience in April 2011.


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