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International Launch for Pixel Power's Real-Time Stereoscopic 3D Graphics Control

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Pixel Power, the leading supplier of broadcast graphics systems, has today announced the international launch of its real-time stereoscopic 3D graphics control technology across its product range.

This unique stereoscopic control technology provides the ability for operators to easily make dynamic adjustments to the eye separation and the Z-Plane position of broadcast graphics in real-time on a shot-by-shot basis. This ensures that graphics remain – or are introduced – in the correct visual space and allows broadcasters to maximise the 3D viewing experience.

“As we are all aware, there has been a great deal of excitement surrounding stereoscopic 3D and the possibilities it offers for certain types of content,” says James Gilbert, Joint MD of Pixel Power. “Pixel Power has examined in detail where the pitfalls are likely to be and an inability to position graphics correctly both in terms of the Z-Plane and eye separation in real-time was an area that had to be addressed. Having graphics in the wrong place and an inability to move them would be very detrimental to live coverage, particularly in the sports arena.”


The technology is included as part of the new version 9.5 of Pixel Power’s core software that powers its range of products. One broadcaster has already taken advantage of the stereoscopic 3D graphics control technology, using it for its 3D coverage of the FIFA 2010 World Cup™.

It is ideally suited to the combined master control and branding environment that Pixel Power’s BrandMaster™ technology facilitates and is available as part of the BrandMaster™ Control System.

Gilbert adds, “Early demonstrations of this technology were enthusiastically received, so much so that a leading US sports broadcaster has already deployed it. Audiences expect any 3D offering to be of optimum quality, so for 3D uptake to succeed we need to assist broadcasters in offering a premium experience, which our real-time control technology delivers.”

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