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Grass Valley Highlights New Channel, 3D, and Slow-Motion Features for K2 Dyno File Based Live Production Replay System

K2 Dyno

At NAB 2010, Grass Valley™ introduced the latest version of the popular Grass Valley™ K2 Dyno™ Replay System, which includes the ability to handle super slow-motion and 3D projects. Thanks to powerful new features for live production applications, as well as instant replay with slow-motion and super slow-motion capability, the K2 Dyno Replay System can streamline file-based workflows for a wide variety of live production environments for less than half the price of competing solutions.

For 3D operations, the left and right eye inputs can be synchronized within a single channel

The next-generation controller coupled with the K2 Summit™ production client helps producers and other professionals capture live events in crystal-clear HD resolutions and instantly play them out at variable speeds for critical analysis during fast-paced events — all housed in a compact 2 RU chassis. It is ideally suited for studios, HD production trucks and shared storage production facilities, as well as live A/V staging events and in-stadium entertainment networks.

“The Grass Valley K2 Dyno Replay System continues to improve and add new features to make it one of the most important pieces of the content creation and playout chain,” said Jeff Rosica, Senior Vice President of Grass Valley. “More than just a VTR replacement device, the K2 Dyno is a complete solution that provides users with easy, fast, and precise control for file-based live production environments.”

The K2 Dyno v1.6 software is fully compatible with Grass Valley K2 Summit software release v7.2. The new software is also compatible with Grass Valley’s K2 Solo™ server, representing an even lower-cost replay system. K2 Solo can also be networked with a K2 Dyno/Summit system to offer a variety of alternate record and playout options. With the new ChannelFlex™ option, new channel configurations can be added such as 4 inputs and 2 outputs, or 6 inputs and 1 output on a single system. One or two channels of 2X and 3X Super Slow-Motion operations can be used as well. For 3D operations, the left and right eye inputs can be synchronized within a single channel.

Users can also implement metadata into the replay process

The new software (v1.6) adds newly designed user interface enhancements with improved on-screen display indicators for both VGA and SDI outputs, and better operational control to boost productivity. Designed with direct input from experienced replay operators, the K2 Dyno replay controller features a highly intuitive user interface a touchscreen LCD, colored buttons, and optional mouse, keyboard and VGA output.

The K2 Dyno solution offers easy connectivity with other production systems. There is high-speed Gigabit Ethernet networking and connectivity with off the shelf removable storage such as USB and NAS devices. Transferred files are wrapped with MXF or MOV, so the content can easily be shared with editors, archives, and other storage systems with no special equipment or processes. Editing systems such as Grass Valley’s EDIUS and Apple’s Final Cut Pro, can be directly connected for editing in place. Live feeds can be edited while being recorded, and packages quickly made ready for playout.

Users can also implement metadata into the replay process to enable the re-use of content for various purposes. Metadata layouts can be created off-line in advance of an event, clips can be given names, and text metadata can be added during the event along with ratings and icons. All metadata created can be saved along with the clips and used from session to session or system to system.


The Grass Valley K2 Dyno replay system offers powerful features for live production replay

• Highlight and Marks creation
• Synchronized key/fill or left/right 3D operation in a single channel
• Integrated metadata through all production phases
• Playlists with mix effect transitions per playout channel
• Simple editor integration with edit-in-place or file transfer of content
• Up to 7 configurable input/output channels in a single unit
• Up/down/cross/aspect ratio conversion
• Standard networking and storage support
• Built-in VGA multi-viewer and SDI video monitoring
• DVCPRO, AVC-Intra formats

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