Element Technica Intro’s Pulsar 3D Rig for Mid-sized Cameras

Element Technica (Stand 11.F35) is showing their full line up of working Technica 3D rigs

Element Technica, designer of the leading family of 3D rigs for stereoscopically mounting cameras and lenses for television and motion picture 3D production, premiers its Pulsar 3D rig at the 2010 IBC exhibition. The Pulsar, which provides stereoscopic mounting of mid-sized high resolution digital cameras with ENG-style lenses, gives Element Technica a complete range of Technica 3D rigs for the largest to the smallest professional digital cameras.

The Pulsar joins the Quasar (large cameras) and Neutron (smallest cameras) by providing stereoscopic mounting of mid-sized and box-style cameras, including the Scarlet, Epic, SI-2K, Sony EX3 and P1. The Pulsar provides the same stereoscopic control of interocular and convergence as is available on the Quasar and Neutron rigs, either via wired or wireless linking with the Technica Hand Controller (THC). The Pulsar can also be interfaced with stereoscopic optimization processors such as the Sony MPE-200 and Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft HHS STAN, which allow them to be quickly integrated into multi-camera productions.

Like other Technica 3D rigs, the Pulsar can be configured in side-by-side and beam splitter mode (both over/thru and under/thru), and can be quickly reconfigured from one mode to the other. For crane, dolly, camera car, stabilizer and hand held operation of the Pulsar, bumping and jostling are the norm. The Pulsar maintains rock-solid rigidity through its construction from aircraft-grade CNC machined aluminum as well as stainless steel and carbon fiber. The compact design of the Pulsar yields a rugged 3D rig at the lowest possible weight.


The same small tool-kit and setup and alignment procedures are employed with all three Technica 3D rigs, including the Pulsar. An experienced 2D assistant trained on one of the rigs can apply that knowledge and tools to the whole family of rigs.

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