Dreamcatcher: Replay Revolutionized


Introduced at NAB 2012, the award winning Dreamcatcher has already been used in a number of large sporting events including professional football championships, professional golf, auto racing, and baseball.   The unique feature set of Dreamcatcher has revolutionized the way these sports and many more are being produced.

Dreamcatcher offers a Mosaic feature that has garnered a lot of attention as an exciting new advancement in replay workflow.  Dreamcatcher’s Mosaic capability allows for multiple angles to be synchronized and played out at a single button press.  The Mosaic feature offers the production team the ability to show the captured event from new perspectives.  Dreamcatcher has also been used to take advantage of 4K UltraHD cameras providing the broadcaster the ability to “zoom” into the 4K UltraHD raster to provide a totally unique replay experience.

Based on Evertz’ VUE, Dreamcatcher is the first to utilize multi-touch interfaces to simplify the way operators prepare instant replays and highlights packages.  Dreamcatcher’s interface allows operators easy access to various controls (such as router control) while providing an integrated multi-viewer system.  The customizable and intuitive interface allows production teams to create storylines faster than ever before.


To complete the solution, Dreamcatcher seamlessly integrates with Evertz’ MAGNUM (unified facility control) and Mediator (content management system) to allow for an optimized workflow from live production of an event to its broadcast across multiple platforms.

Dreamcatcher doesn’t just assemble clips; it captures the event.