Die Fantastischen Vier - Live in 3D: See the Making Of

The 3D Blue Ray disc of the concert was already sold more than 50 000 times

The 3D live broadcast of the concert by the German hip hop stars “Die Fantastischen Vier” took place on September 28, 2010 during the two and a half day innovation congress "Forward2Business: The Magic of the Third Dimension" (27. to 29. September 2010) conducted by the Mitteldeutsches Multimediazentrum Halle/Saale (MMZ), Germany.

P+S TECHNIK supplied a Freestyle Rig and a Standard Rig for the largest live coverage of a 3D concert event ever, which was broadcast live in 3D by satellite to 91 cinemas across Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Belgium. The rigs have been operated by the highly experienced KUK-Film crew.

Instead of using zoom lenses, the setup relied on mobile cameras to achieve a dynamic visual language that reflects the energy and dynamism on stage. Especially the Freestyle Rig with its integrated motors for stereo base and angulation adjustment was highly mobile mounted on a TechnoCrane 30: “The Freestyle Rig on the crane was our main camera that could be positioned freely in the room as required. The possibility to remote control the integrated motors for the precise adjustment of the 3D parameters allowed to react instantly on changes of actors’ positions. Thus I was able to ideally translate the ‚fantastic’ dynamic on stage into visual design on screen.“ Josef Kluger, 3D-Director Die Fantastischen Vier - Live in 3D, Founder and CEO KUK Filmproduktion GmbH


The Making of Die Fantastischen Vier - Live in 3D