Cel-Soft Adds New Features to Cel-Scope 3D

Multi-window display from Cel-Scope 3D stereo analyser Version 2.5

Cel-Soft will introduce powerful new features to its Cel-Scope3D stereoscopic content analyser at IBC2012 with the release of Version 2.5.

Designed for use in 3D grading, quality-control, post-production and for 3D camera set-up, Cel-Scope3D stereoscopic signal analysers provide operators with a wide choice of display configurations. These include a novel depth spectrogram which plots all depth activity and excursions against time.

Any feature on any display window can now be magnified for closer inspection. Images can be instantly scaled between x2 and x100 for either left, right or any combination. Also new is x10 contrast enhancement in the ‘onion skin’ difference mode.


A new Frame Shot facility allows two-way interaction between one operator and another. The snapshot button saves a combination of still images from the current timeline point together with the current system profile settings. These are then packed into a ‘Frame Shot’ zip file which can be sent to another operator's Cel-Scope3D operator which automatically opens the package. Frame Shot allows co-operative review of specific frames. The can be fully assessed quickly and easily using the original settings. 3D stills can be analysed in the same was as live or file-based 3D video.

Cel-Soft's Pixel-Probe facility further adds to the uniqueness of the Cel-Scope3D toolbox with ability to analyse and find find dead, lazy or stuck pixels automatically from the left or right channel. The tool can also detect optical blemishes which camera operators may not have noticed or which have recently occurred.


Cel-Scope3D 2. 5  can analyse file-based content as well as live or recorded signals in dual-stream or multiplexed formats. It allows stereoscopic camera alignment to be performed quickly and confidently, ensuring 3D is accurate from the moment of capture. Footage and edits in a wide range of file formats can be viewed and assessed in real time. Disparities are analysed and displayed as clear and intelligible graphics on 2D or 3D monitors.

Cel-Scope3D is available as a complete turnkey system running on a Cel-Soft's high-performance Broad-Server computer or as software-only for running on workstation-PCs or laptops for field production uses.

Cel-Soft will exhibit Cel-Scope3D on stand 10.C49 (Polecam) at IBC2012.


Located in the high-tech belt surrounding Cambridge, Cel-Soft specialises in high-performance image-processing and audio products. Founded by entrepreneur and engineer Robin Palmer, the company benefits from a long history of successful product innovation.