Cameron-Pace Group is First Customer of Calrec’s Artemis Light Audio Console

Scott Nardelli, Bexel, Calrec’s Henry Goodman, Director James Cameron, Vince Pace, Craig Schiller, Bexel, Calrec’s Dave Letson

Calrec Audio today announced that Cameron-Pace Group,the industry leader in 3D technologies and production services, is the firstcustomer to purchase Calrec’s new Artemis Light audio console. The sale tookplace at IBC2011, on the same day as the official launch of the Artemis Lightconsole.

The Artemis Light is the newest member of Calrec’sArtemis family of Bluefin™2 Hydra2 audio consoles, introducing a compactprocessing rack dedicated to delivering digital signal processing (DSP) androuting capabilities in a 4U enclosure. Cameron-Pace Group chose the ArtemisLight to upgrade Mobile Unit 1, a FUSION 3D mobile unit for on-locationbroadcast and post-production. When the upgrade is complete, Mobile Unit 1 willbe capable of producing audio in surround sound via the advanced capabilitiesof the Artemis Light.

“The Artemis Light is the perfect choice for thecomplex audio requirements of our newly upgraded Mobile Unit 1, and we arepleased to be the first users of this new system,” said Vince Pace, Co-Chairmanof Cameron-Pace Group. “It’s clear that the Artemis Light is state-of-the-artaudio console technology and a cost-effective platform that we can easilyexpand as our productions become more demanding of resources.”


Cameron-Pace Group's approach differs from many of theOB/mobile unit companies currently offering 3D broadcast facilities, in that ittransmits 3D and 2D from a single OB unit, in contrast to the split,twin-vehicle approach favoured by many European OB facilities providers. Theselection of Calrec’s Hydra2 console will give Cameron-Pace Group greaterflexibility for I/O than many of its 2D and 3D OB competitors.

“We’re delighted that Cameron-Pace Group’s ChairmenJames Cameron and Vince Pace are our first Artemis Light customers, and we lookforward to working with them closely as they bring their 3D production approachto Europe,” said Dave Letson, Calrec’s US regional director of sales. "Aspart of the sale, Cameron-Pace will be able to expand the Hydra2 network easilyby renting extra Calrec I/O units when projects require them. John Root, thebusiness development manager at Bexel, our West Coast distributor, wasinstrumental in the sale because he ensured that CAMERON | PACE Group will getthe quickest-possible turnaround for any additional I/O rental. That assuranceadded a lot of value to the sale.”


Like all Artemis consoles, Artemis Light incorporatesBluefin2 high-density signal processing and Hydra2 networking technologies inthe same compact yet extremely powerful and scalable control surface used byArtemis Shine and Beam. Employing the same hardware and software architecture,the Artemis Light can be fully integrated with any existing Hydra2 network. TheArtemis Light router has 8 x Hydra2 ports for interfacing with the extensiveHydra2 I/O range, as well as other Hydra2 routers and their I/O. Theflexibility of the Hydra2 I/O range means a large amount of I/O can be connectedin various formats, tailored to the specific needs of each environment.