Bring Your 3D World to Life: VAIO F Series Notebook PC 16.0” (40.6cm)

Slip on your active shutter glasses and immerse yourself in an exciting world of 3D movies, games and videos with VAIO F Series

The 16.0” Full HD VAIO Display Premium brings entertainment to life with a brilliant 3D image that’s optimised for comfortable, flicker-free viewing. Just press the 3D button and switch instantly between 2D and 3D viewing. ‘Native’ supported 3D content includes movies on Blu-ray Disc™, games and videos. You can also enjoy 3D panoramic still images captured with Cyber-shot™ digital cameras and α DSLR digital cameras by Sony. In addition, 2D movies on Blu-ray Disc or DVD can be instantly up-converted to simulated 3D video at the touch of a button.


Breathtaking 3D laptop

Take a seat, slip on your 3D glasses and enjoy the most involving entertainment ever experienced on a notebook. See your favourite movies and games come vividly to life in an exciting new dimension. Amazing depth, vibrant colours and razor-sharp detail put you right there in the midst of the action.

Nothing has been compromised to give you the best possible 3D experience. One that is intensely exciting with faster, sharper, brighter images and also comfortable on the eyes with minimal flicker.

Advanced Full HD Frame Sequential technology combines with high frame refresh rates and LED backlight control to minimise 3D crosstalk. Even fast-moving images are smooth with crystal clear definition and detail.


Entertains from all angles

Get your friends round and watch together sports and movies in 3D - it’s like being there at the stadium or cinema. The large 16” VAIO Display Premium 3D LCD screen has a higher response than conventional screens. That means smoother moving images, full colour coverage and less reflection. Plus with wider viewing angles, you’ll feel the intense realism of 3D wherever you’re sitting.

One touch 2D to 3D

Your 3D world is just a touch away with VAIO F Series. Press the 3D button to switch in an instant between 2D and 3D entertainment.

You can even up convert** 2D Blu-ray, DVD or video to simulated 3D by pressing the button. Then when you want to go back to 2D, press the button again. Simple.


Thrilling 3D Blu-ray

With a 3D Blu-ray Disc™ writer* on board, you’ll be able to watch favourite high definition 3D movies wherever you go.

You’ll also be able to create and edit your own HD 3D Blu-ray content including HD photos and videos using Picture Motion Browser software.

Want to use your VAIO 3D laptop as 3D Blu-ray player? Just connect up to a BRAVIA 3D TV via HDMI and play movies and games on the big screen. You won’t even have to change glasses.

Supplied frame sequential glasses are fully compatible with BRAVIA 3D televisions.

Intense gaming

Games come alive in 3D. Whether you’re on special ops behind enemy lines or racing round the Nurburgring, the adrenaline is breathtaking.

VAIO F Series 3d laptops include 2nd Generation quad-core Intel® Core™ i7 Processor with Turbo Boost and cutting edge 1GB NVIDIA® graphics. That’s a serious combination for smooth, beautifully detailed gaming.


Feel every moment

Hear the quietest footsteps and feel the full force of an exploding spaceship. S-force 3D dynamic surround sound boosts realism by creating a virtual 5.1 channel surround sound effect from two inbox bass-reflex speakers.