Band Pro 4K Experts Workshop 2014

Hands-on sessions in Berlin, Prague, Vienna and Munich with Randy Wedick and Vojtech Pokorny

Get ready for the launch of the united Band Pro workshop sessions through Europe - Your way to 4K!

„Nowadays media business is not simply an all encompassing monolith but rather comprises a complex understanding of many different fields of media production Band Pro can provide both, the complex technical experience and freshness of mind to push your products into the hands of real users and establish long lasting customer relationships.“

This ambitious statement will be put into practice during four European workshops to be held by Band Pro Munich in cooperation with Band Pro USA in Berlin, Prague, Vienna and Munich.

This series of workshops is targeted at experienced professionals in the market. For people with a very good technical basis and understanding of digital cinematography, as well as the connected workflows. Our aim is to create a platform to exchange experiences and inspire the participants for future projects.


In each location, Randy Wedick, Technical Consultant at Band Pro USA, will go into depth with his workflow presentation and will address the individual needs of the participants. Vojtech Pokorny, Digital Image Consultant und Technical Sales Manager at Band Pro Munich, will demonstrate in a hands on session, the current camera and light equipment as well as the accessories from the Band Pro portfolio.

As a highlight of the workshops in each city a short clip will be shot with a DP, a director and a camera assistant from that region. Randy Wedick and Vojtech Pokorny will be assisting during the shoot and will be supervising the production. The clips, photographs and a “making of” will be provided to the original equipment manufacturers and partners. The shorts will be presented at the 2014 NAB, as well as other events and roadshows in the up-coming year.


The dates of the Band Pro 4K experts workshops 2014 and the local partners are:

20th January 2014, Berlin, Germany, The Post Republic
22nd January 2014, Prague, Czech Republic, Mat Film s.r.o.
24th January 2014, Vienna, Austria, Available light / MXR
27th January 2014, Munich, Germany, FGV Schmidle GmbH

The participating original manufacturers are among others: Sony, Movcam, Codex, K-Tek, IBE-optics, Swit, Leica, Canon, Paralinx, Ovide, Fill-LIte, Convergent Design and more.

If you want to be part of it please contact:
Band Pro Munich, Vojtech Pokorny, +49-89-9454849-16

The number of participants is limited. All registrations will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis. You will get a confirmation if your registration was successful.


Band Pro Munich GmbH stands for competency and experience in the area of digital cinematography and high definition. Band Pro enables filmmakers to access the digital film world through advanced training courses, seminars and workshops. Central access point is the definition of the workflow to be used. Band Pro provides support services to its customers from the selection of production equipment, during the post-production stage, and up to the final product and, on request, provides direct production support at the set. Involvement in providing training courses and continuing education courses in the form of lectures and partnerships with film schools completes the company’s portfolio. Band Pro is a sponsor and member of the German Film Academy, the BVK (German Society of Cinematographers) and IMAGO.