Antelope 3D - the tree-dimensional Replay System

Phantome HD Gold on SwissRig

LMC's Antelope 3D solution provides full HD instant replays in S3D. Two Antelope cameras in combination with Chroma's SwissRig and the specially developed LMC synchronization software provides instant replays between 25 and 1,500 frames per second. The comfortable workflow and the immediate replay of the recorded sequences open uo totally new possibilities for live TV productions as well as for movie, commercial and feature film productions.

"As of now, it is really easy to create high speed stereoscopic sequences in full HD resolution", says Tobias Gramm, project manager of LMC LiveMotionConcept GmbH.

Normal 25 frames per second replays are relatively easy to produce, wheras a 75 frames per second SuperSloMo in 3D opens a can of worms as you would require 6 EVS channels for recording alone - which would have to be synchronized plus one extra channel for replay. A both cost-effective and thrilling solution for highspeed replays.