And the Winners are ...

HBS' Peter Angell (left) and Sony Professional's Mark Grinyer collect their reward

HBS, in association with Sony Professional, was recently awarded the Innovative Technology Award for its 3D coverage of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ at the 6th edition of the Association for International Broadcasting (AIB) Awards.

Each year, a team of 28 International Judges, headed by Simon Spanswick, Chief Executive of AIB, is faced with the exciting but demanding challenge of selecting a winner from a list of very high quality submissions. There was however consensus about the winner for sheer innovation – Sony Professional and Host Broadcast Services for the World’s First 3D World Cup.

Very, very cool remarked one judge, while the impressive effect on a massive scale marked this out as one of the technology highlights of the year said another. “It’s really not often that something comes along that can be so game-changing and deliver an experience that’s genuinely new in the TV world,” Mr. Spanswick explained at the event held at London’s LSO St Luke’s on 9 November.

Peter Angell, Head of the 3D Project at HBS, was on hand to collect the award and speak with pride about the project and HBS’ future developments with 3D technology.


“Although HBS started producing 3D as early as 2008 – with the final matches of the IHHF World Championship and live 3D football in France distributed to several points simultaneously – and had extensively planned ahead of a positive decision from FIFA and Sony on 2010 FIFA World Cup™ 3D coverage, there was spectacular progress made in the final six months,” he explained.

“What makes this technology-highlight stand out so prominently is the collaborative effort with Sony to bring this technological feat to the world. Within that short time frame, we were designing, testing and delivering, broadcasters across the globe were opening up dedicated 3D channels, and 600 cinemas in 33 countries were offering 2010 FIFA World Cup™ matches to enthralled audiences almost on the spur of the moment.”

“It is about a world-first, certainly, but even more so about a new technology in its infancy that we collectively managed to foster against great odds. 3D is now becoming more and more mainstream for specific events, as we speak.”

From making broadcast history in the past, HBS now moves on, with its key partners, to build on the potential of 3D and to promote cross-media expertise in the next exciting projects on their work schedules. And all look forward together to the challenge of getting back on the podium in the future to win another prestigious AIB Award!


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