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AJA Kona 3G Offers Flexible and Affordable Workflows

ProMAX Recommends the Kona 3G for 3D Editing

The fascination with 3D movie making is growing. Editors are challenged with more 3D content than ever before. Now the question stands, what graphics card works best? There are many complexities and many considerations.

Before you venture into the realm of 3D, first consider key components of a 3D system. In any 3D editing system a compatible and capable video card is needed. ProMAX has conducted various tests on cards that support 3D and one of the best available on the market (and at an affordable price) is the AJA kona 3G:

• The AJA Kona 3G offers flexible and affordable 3D workflows
• For broadcast quality imaging the Kona 3G features 10-bit motion adaptive SD to HD cross-conversion
• Using the SDI connector, you can output discrete Left and Right eye feeds with one simple button that makes editing in 3D even easier.

3D System Specs

• Mac Pro Dual 2.93Ghz Quad-CoreIntel Xeon 24GB RAM
• AJA Kona 3G
• Cineform Neo3D Plugin for 3DPost Production
• Final Cut Studio
• Adobe CS5 Production Premium
• ProjectStor 7 BAY
• (1) JVC 46" 3D LCD Monitor
• (1) HP Dream Color 24'' Monitor
• ProMAX Start Editing Now Package


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