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ACS’ 3D Railcam at Heineken Cup Final

The 3D track and operating vehicle represents just some of ACS’ continuing investment into 3D

ACS has successfully completed another 3D railcam shoot for Sky Sports. Covering the Heineken Cup Final at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff on the 21st May, the ACS railcam was fitted with a Stab-C COMPACT stabilised mount supporting an Element Technica Pulsar 3D mirror rig. Two Sony P1 cameras fitted with HJ22 lenses were installed in the Pulsar rig in the under through configuration.

The mirror rig and camera combination was controlled and powered via one SMPTE cable, utilising a Telecast Copperhead 3G Fibre transmission unit with real time correction of the 3D output via a Sony MPE200 processor. A HD feed was also taken from one of the cameras providing simultaneous HD & 3D outputs for both SKY Sports HD1 and Sky Sports 3D channels. The complete 3D Railcam system was installed and operated by ACS’ in-house operators and technicians.

The game also coincided with the first outing of ACS’ new 3D operating vehicle which the team took delivery of this month. The vehicle, fitted with five operating/engineering positions, allows control of eight ACS SMARThead™ remote heads in standard configuration. A 3D position is also included which consists of a Sony LMD 2451TD 3D monitor and Sony MPE200. The unit is 3G/3D capable up to 1080 50P with twin 40x40 routers and 16 way 3D multi viewer with dual independent outputs.


The 3D track and operating vehicle represents just some of ACS’ continuing investment into 3D with research and development currently being conducted on various specialist rigs including mini cameras and remote heads.

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