84“ 4K/Ultra-HD display for Image Editing and Rendering

eyevis presents a new Ultra-HD large format LCD display at IBC 2013 Stand 9.B24

With a pin-sharp Ultra-HD resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels and a huge 84-inch screen diagonal the new 4K LCD display EYE-LCD-8400-QHD-LE from eyevis enables the native display of 4K video material. With the new device eyevis complements its range of 4K LCD displays with 31,5“ and 60“ for applications in video editing suites or broadcast control rooms.

With an increasing demand for 4K resolution in film and TV productions, display systems with a 4K resolution will become more and more important. Especially in digital editing of image and video data a high resolution and an excellent image representation are vital. eyevis' new 4K display will be showcased for the first time from 13th to 17th September at their booth No. 9.B24 at IBC 2013.

The Quad-Full-HD displays from eyevis with screen sizes of 31,5”, 60” and new also 84“ provide a high resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels with a pixel density which is, even for the large 60” display, comparable to the resolution of a desktop monitor. Additionally: 10 bit colour processing and a direct LED backlight illumination for the 31.5” and 60” displays (Edge-lit LED backlight for the 84”) ensure best image characteristics, while modern panel technology provides viewing angles of 176°, both vertically and horizontally. With a brightness level from 450 cd/sqm (31.5”) to 500 cd/sqm (60”, 84”), contrast ratios of up to 5,000:1 (60”) and short response times from only 6 ms (60”) to only 8 ms (31,5) and 12 ms (84”), the specifications of the displays fulfil all demands sophisticated applications require from modern display technology. For the display signal supply eyevis has developed its own special technical solution with DVI-D inputs (four times DVI-D single link or two times DVI-D dual link). Combined with professional high performance graphic cards it is possible to create a high-resolution visual display system at a competitive price.


The LCDs are primarily intended for special ultra-high resolution applications. For example, thanks to the extremely high resolution and the quality colour rendering in film and tv production, as well as in design and architecture, users can view their videos and images in native resolution which results in more precise editing. In security control rooms images from numerous security cameras can be displayed in full resolution simultaneously on one screen. This is also vital in the medical sector for imaging diagnosis. Presentation in 8.8 million pixels allows for exact interpretation of X-rays or CT scans (for example). Further fields of application are the control of complex industrial production processes, which can also be presented in detail thanks to the high resolution.

·    High contrast, even in high ambient light conditions
·    31.5“, 60“ and 84" screen diagonal
·    Extra high resolution 3840 x 2160px with a pixel density which is comparable to the resolution of a desktop monitor even with the large format 60-inch display
·    LED backlight for best brightness uniformity and perfect colours
·    Wide viewing angles
·    Fast response times


Application Possibilities
·    Digital post-production for broadcasting
·    Professional graphic design
·    eSignage applications
·    CCTV control rooms, display of multiple camera signals on one screen
·    Detailed process controlling in high resolution
·    Diagnostic imaging in medical applications, accurate interpretation of e.g. X-ray photographs or CT scan images
·    Applications in interior design and architecture
·    Training
·    Radar applications
·    Security applications

Technical Specifications


eyevis, German manufacturer and installer of large screen solutions, is a leading provider of visualisation systems for professional applications in control rooms, virtual reality and simulation as well as broadcast and digital signage. eyevis has a worldwide network of subsidiaries and resellers. eyevis is one of very few manufacturers on the market providing complete systems. eyevis one-stop solutions include display systems, graphics controllers and wall management software solutions