6-Axis Lens Control System from Element Technica

Built for 3D from the ground up!

Element Technica is Introducing a 6-Axis Lens Control System, which offers a lower cost alternative to  owner/operator customers. Along with the 6-Axis Controller Box is a 3-axis Element Technica developed remote hand unit called THC-L (Technica Hand Control - Lens), based on the same platform as the THC-S (Technica Hand Control - Stereo).

The primary difference between the two is an optional spring-loaded rate sensor designed for smooth in-shot zooming, or the standard positional sensor. With 3ality Technica's SIP2100, (and now Mistika Live and StereoLabs Pure) connectivity and bi-directional communication, techs have the choice to either use one of these analyzers to automatically create a profile, or they can quickly do it the old-fashioned way with a chart. Access to the 6-Axis LCS subsystems is possible through a PC application (Metadata Viewer,) or through a new iOS App (Rig Manager).

The THC-L is designed as a stand-alone product


The THC-L is designed as a stand-alone product which not only can be used for all of the legacy Element Technica and 3ality Digital rigs currently being used, but the same system can be used with any 3D rig requiring lens control regardless of the manufacturer.

What's available:
·    Technica Hand Controller (THC-L) in zoom positional or spring loaded
·    6-Axis Control Box
·    Custom lens drive cables
·    Hedén motor drives with gears
·    Power and command cables
·    6-Axis Lens Control Case


What's available

·    Manual Lens Homing
·    Motor Support; Preston, Hedén, Scorpio, Panavision, ARRI and others
·    CAN Bus
·    232/422 Port
·    232 Port
·    MicroSD Card Slot for:
      -    onboard data storage
      -    firmware uploading
      -    loading lens profile information>/li>
·    Wired or Wireless Operation
·    Stereo Profiling
·    Bi-Directional Profiling when used with the 3Flex chain
·    Basic profiling - 20 points, Linear Interpolation
·    Softstops
·    Sensor Disable - locking off a control (ie locking iris control against accidental movement
·    Store calibration for 14 hours between reboots
·    Calibration is reinitiated for a motor if it is disconnected, then reconnected
·    Motor torque and direction are adjustable (via hardware switches or iOS)Zoom Position Indicator when used with iPhone app