4K Test in Poland: ATM SYSTEM and Live Park

Just one week after the „El Clasico” 4K production in Spain – ATM SYSTEM and Live Park - have been testing 4K in Poland

During the hit match of Polish football league T-Mobile Ekstraklasa, Legia Warszawa vs Lech Poznan, first time in Poland  ATM used 4K technology to enhance the possibility of content creation. In cooperation with the suppliers 4VISION Poland and TWENTY4SEVEN ATM got a SONY F-55 camera with CA4000 and BP 4000 adaptors, a FUJINON 19-90 Cabrio Lens, and  EVS XT3 sever with Epsio for the replay of super zoom images.

ATM's creative crew was very excited by using the new tools to produce a live signal. It was  helpful for showing viewers a new perspective of contentious situation during the match.


“We did a big step forward in quality using the newest technology solution in our work” , said  Leszek Miklas CEO of Live Park Host Broadcaster of T-Mobile Ekstraklasa.


“We are perfectly satisfied to introduce 4K technology to our partners in Poland. We are working together for some new innovations which will enhance viewers experience with Polish football league.” Said Robert Wolter vice-president of ATM SYSTEM.


ATM System is the leader in providing TV services in the Polish market. ATM has the highest quality equipment of reputable, world renowned manufacturers and is a  technological partner to Live Park,  host broadcaster of Polish Football League “T-Mobile- Ekstraklasa”.