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3D Solutions from Canon

Canon’s control systems for 3D lens-camera-pairs capitalizes on the precision of these Digital Drive Units

Anticipating the boom in popularity of 3D, Canon has been actively engaged with HD camera manufacturers, 3D rig specialists, and enterprising content creators presently exploring 3D program origination in moviemaking, as well as television coverage of sports, concerts, and special events.

Recognizing the importance of 3D program origination, Canon gave priority to adoption of most of the standard HD lens series for 3D production systems. This entailed use of Canon's original 16bit resolution encoders, while at the same time allowing off sets of zoom, focus and iris positions to compensate the tracking of each positions. Canon is now introducing a new solution to construct a simpler 3D production system with increased interoperability at a low cost.

3D Lens Solutions

A pioneer in the development of Digital Drive Units for its portable lenses, Canon’s control systems for 3D lens-camera-pairs capitalizes on the precision of these Digital Drive Units, allowing for one zoom controller and one focus controller to simultaneously operate both lenses. The Company’s new ergonomic Digital Drive Unit incorporates Canon-developed, ultra-compact rotary encoders capable of 0.1um position detection which produces 16-bit resolution of the positions of zoom, iris, and focus controls. Together with the 3D Bridge Cable and the 3D Lens Adjustment Software, the lens will provide even higher interoperability and precision in synchronization of zoom, focus and iris positions of the lens pairs.


Lens Refinements for 3D

The “3D Lens Adjustment Software” is intended to make stereoscopic tracking of the zoom, focus and iris even more precise, and allow appropriate offsets to be easily made using the Digital Drive Unit's display to compensate for minor zoom and focus tracking differences between any two lens pairs. Together with the 3D Bridge Cable, the software will also make it possible to use standard lens controllers. The software can be installed to the conventional lenses at Canon service centers for the customers who purchased the 3D Bridge Cable.


Most of the Canon’s HDTV Zoom Lenses are equipped with 16-bit resolution Rotary Encoder Devices, which provide precise synchronous lens control by simply connecting the two lenses with a 20pin-20pin single cable. This 3D Bridge Cable will allow simultaneous control of a pair of lenses from one zoom and focus controllers.

3D Lens Controllers

A special attraction of Canon’s synchronous lens control system is that the system doesn’t require special controllers. If the lens is installed with the 3D Lens Adjustment Software, all the servo controllers for digital servo lenses will be compatible with Canon’s synchronous lens control system, which should save additional costs when implementing 3D production systems.


Other Solution for Box-Type Lenses and HJ40x

For the lenses which the 3D Lens Adjustment Software is not applicable, the 3D Divider Cable is another 3D solution. The cable will divide the control signal of a zoom or focus demand and simultaneously input to the Left and Right Lenses. It is necessary to prepare one cable each for the zoom and focus control. Also, the applicable zoom and focus demands will be limited.


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