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3ALITY Digital Realigns Economics of 3D Broadcasting Automation Technologies

IntelleCal™ and IntelleCam™ Enable S3D Production without Doubling the Crew Requirements

3ality Digital, a world leader in advanced technologies to empower creative digital stereoscopic 3D (S3D) acquisition, has today unveiled new software tools to make acquiring compelling S3D easier and more efficient than ever before. The IntelleCal™ and IntelleCam™ solutions, part of the 3space™ suite of products, will be launched by 3ality Digital at NAB in Las Vegas.

IntelleCal™ automatically aligns the two cameras on a rig at the push of a button, which enables a super fast and precise set up without the intervention of a technician. It does this by profiling and matching lenses and performing alignment on five axes through the entire zoom range.

IntelleCam™ automatically controls the convergence and the interaxial spacing of the cameras, without the need for a separate convergence puller at each rig, cutting the number of personnel needed by half or more – dramatically reducing costs.

Both solutions are integrated software solutions, used in conjunction with 3ality Digital’s processing units and 3flex S3D camera rigs. IntelleCal uses the SIP and an additional processing unit, which is yet to be named.

“With the introduction of the 3space products, 3ality Digital has vastly reduced the amount of crew and the cost involved in creating compelling S3D;since we started in this business IntelleCam is the one tool that every broadcaster has asked us to develop,” said Steve Schklair, CEO and Founder of 3ality Digital. “IntelleCal speeds up the alignment process, which traditionally takes up to an hour to set, to five minutes and it does it automatically. These new products represent a quantum leap in how broadcasters and filmmakers are going to be able to capture S3D.”


“One of the biggest challenges for S3D has been the amount of technical equipment and expertise required to make it work and ensure it does not induce headaches and detract from the story. With IntelleCal and IntelleCam that is no longer the case. All the tests of the last few years have proven that there are no technical barriers to live 3D television. The issue is now much more of a business case, and these two new technologies will dramatically reduce and revolutionize the economics of 3D broadcasting.”

3ality Digital’s technology is already being used on feature films such as THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN and THE HOBBIT, currently in production. 3ality Digital has a history of capturing live 3D sports broadcasts, including the first live college football S3D BCS Championship — January 8th, 2009, the first live S3D NHL broadcast – Islanders vs. Rangers, March 24, 2010, and the first live NFL S3D broadcast to homes – FiOS, Patriots vs. Giants, Sept. 2nd, 2010.


About 3ality Digital

3ality Digital is a pioneer and leading authority in stereoscopic 3D (S3D). 3ality Digital provides the film and television industry with camera platforms, stereo image processing systems and S3D image scaling technologies that are considered the “gold standard” for the production of compelling and immersive S3D entertainment. Whether for a feature film or live sporting event, its innovative technology empowers customers to stay in control of creativity when working with S3D. Founded in 2000 by CEO, Steve Schklair, 3ality Digital has a reputation as an innovator in S3D, with its technology powering multiple live-action firsts. This includes: U2 3D, the first movie shot completely in live-action S3D; the first live S3D broadcast of an NFL game (Raiders vs. Chargers, December 4th, 2008, broadcasted to a select audience); the first live S3D sports broadcast available to consumers, including the 2009 BCS Championship Game, BSkyB’s landmark Manchester United vs. Arsenal soccer broadcast (January 31st, 2010), the first network hockey telecast ever produced in S3D (New York Rangers vs. Islanders, March 24th 2010 on MSG); the first S3D commercial broadcast during a Super Bowl (Sobe “Lizard Lake”); the first full episode of a scripted television series shot in live-action S3D (Chuck vs. The Third Dimension, aired on NBC on February 2nd, 2009); and first RED EPIC S3D Movie, 'The Amazing Spider-Man.’

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