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3ality Digital brings wireless freedom to Stereo 3D shoots

New lightweight TS-5 production rig heads full product range at IBC2010

3ality Digital, world leader in advanced technologies to empower creative digital stereoscopic 3D (S3D) acquisition, is adding to its range of beam-splitter mirror rigs with the launch of its TS-5 at IBC2010. This, the first fully-automated, remotely-aligned lightweight beam-splitter on the market, is aimed at lightweight and wireless camera operations and tight spaces, and can be mounted on a Steadicam for complete flexibility.

The TS-5 production rig weighs just 10kg, but features the same capabilities as 3ality Digital’s full-sized camera rigs, including precision motor-driven adjustment of inter-axial distance and convergence, under the control of unique software to guarantee fast and accurate set-ups, camera alignments that remain in precise alignment, and matched zooms.

Alongside the new TS-5, 3ality Digital will also highlight the established TS-2 beam-splitter production rig and TS-4 side-by-side rig. These are widely used by leading production companies across the movie and television world to deliver the maximum flexibility in S3D acquisition, when perfect precision in camera alignment is critical to achieve engaging and immersive content.

3ality Digital’s stereoscopic camera rigs are used in association with the company’s proprietary stereo image processors, and 3ality Digital offers two models to meet practical production requirements. The SIP-2100 controls a single camera, and the SIP-2900 can control up to eight cameras from the same base electronics.

Both models provide all the functionality required for excellent S3D acquisition, allowing the camera operator to align tracking and sync lenses, the stereographer to monitor and optimise the 3D experience, and the video engineer to match pairs of cameras for seamless colour tracking.

3ality Digital will also use IBC to highlight its training programme. 3D IQ aims to teach the fundamentals of S3D production, to spur the creation of a pool of talent familiar with both the principles and the practical aspects and to empower the economic and independent creation of excellent S3D entertainment.


“This is undoubtedly the year of stereoscopic 3D, and 3ality Digital is totally focussed on providing superb enabling technologies for it,” said Steve Schklair, CEO of 3ality Digital Systems, the technology and production arm of 3ality Digital, LLC. “Whether on set in a movie, giving a camera operator the freedom to go anywhere with wireless cameras, or embracing the viewer with 3D content, we are there, removing the mysteries of stereoscopic shooting and releasing creativity.”

Schklair is giving a “3D Day” keynote session in the IBC conference on Monday morning, in which he will demonstrate shooting techniques using 3ality Digital’s rigs and SIPs, including two wireless cameras mounted on a TS-5.

3ality Digital products can also be seen on the IBC stands of its strategic partners, Grass Valley and Ikegami.

About 3ality Digital

3ality Digital develops enabling technologies to power live-action stereoscopic 3D (S3D) entertainment from image capture through presentation, independent of viewing environment. 3ality Digital’s camera platforms, stereo image processing systems and S3D image scaling technologies are quickly earning a reputation as the “gold standard” for the emerging medium and are rapidly being adapted by broadcasters, production companies, studios and consumer electronics manufacturers. 3ality Digital’s systems are optimised to handle the demands of live S3D broadcast, offering such must-haves as fast set-up, perfectly aligned zooms, accurate imagery right from the camera and automation that reduces the number of required production personnel.
3ality Digital technology has powered a number of live-action firsts including U2 3D, the first movie shot completely in live-action S3D; the first live S3D broadcast of an NFL game (Raiders vs. Chargers, December 4th, 2008); the first live S3D sports broadcast available to consumers, including the 2009 BCS Championship Game, BSkyB’s landmark Manchester United vs. Arsenal soccer broadcast and the first network hockey telecast ever produced in S3D (New York Rangers vs. Islanders, March 24th 2010 on MSG); the first S3D commercial broadcast on television (Sobe “Lizard Lake”); and the first episode of a scripted television serried shot in live-action S3D (Chuck vs. The Third Dimension, aired on NBC on February 2nd, 2009).