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2D to 3D Converter from JVC

Real-time 2D/3D conversion including a 3D mixer

JVC’s IF-2D3D1 Image Processor works as a 2D-to-3D converter and as a 3D L/R mixer for video content producers. Housed in a rugged, 1U rack-mountable metal cabinet and compatible with a wide range of high definition formats, the IF-2D3D1 is designed to help 3D content producers improve their workflow, whether they are converting archived 2D material or shooting original content in 3D.

You can now perform real-time conversion of 2D video resources, including high-quality HD, into a variety of 3D formats with speed and simplicity thanks to industry-first algorithms developed by JVC. What’s more, JVC’s new IF-2D3D1 3D Image Processor supports L/R mixing during 3D recording, thus cutting the time required for 3D content creation. This one unit is the key to transforming your workflow, providing new solutions for virtually any 3D content creation scenario, whether repurposing 2D resources or shooting new material in 3D.

Main features

Real-time 2D/3D conversion using unique JVC algorithms

• 2D is converted into 3D in real time. You can select from four different 3D mixed formats for stereo video output

• Separate L/R HD-SDI outputs enable you to convert existing 2D content to 3D – convenient for rough editing

• You can adjust for both parallax and 3D intensity. Compatible with a wide range of HD formats Housed in a rugged metal cabinet (1U)


The 3D mixer converts L/R dual signals to a 3D mixed format – convenient for real-time monitoring when shooting in 3D or when shooting with 2D equipment

• Waveform monitor and vectorscope for comparing L & R video streams on a display

• Split function for comparing L & R video streams on one screen with movable boundary

• Rotation function to facilitate a restricted rig setup for 2 cameras when shooting in 3D

• Anaglyph and sequential viewing modes for enhanced convenience, providing multiple ways to check 3D content

• HD-SDI frame synchronizer* for synchronizing a pair of cameras that lack external sync *Timebase information is not modified.

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