General Contact

Andi Baron Rentals Coordinator

Unit 2 111 Chertsey Road GB- KT14 7AX Byfleet, Surrey United Kingdom +44 1932 336 052 (work) +44 1932 350 698 (fax)

Camera Corps

General Contact

Andi Baron Rentals Coordinator

Unit 2 111 Chertsey Road GB- KT14 7AX Byfleet, Surrey United Kingdom +44 1932 336 052 (work) +44 1932 350 698 (fax)

Flown Track

Technical Synopsis


  • Crane with Dolly (Strada)
  • Javelin (Egripment)
  • Scanner (Egripment)
  • Maxi-Jib (Camera Corps)
Remote Mounts
  • HS 105 Autocam (Vinten)
  • HotShot (Camera Corps)
  • MiniShot (Camera Corps)
  • Q Ball (Camera Corps)
  • Underwater Remote Camera (Camera Corps)
Miniature Cameras
  • POV (Point of View) Cameras (Camera Corps)
  • HV-D30 (Hitachi)
  • IK-HD1 (Toshiba)
  • HD-RH1 (Iconix)
  • AW-E800 (Panasonic)
  • DK-H32 (Hitachi)
  • PTZF Switcher Box (Camera Corps)
  • CCU Panel (Camera Corps)
  • Multi Camera Controller (Camera Corps)
  • Joystick Control (Camera Corps)


Rail/Track Systems
  • Sprint Track System (Camera Corps)
  • Multi Camera Tracking System (Camera Corps)
  • Vault Tracking System (Camera Corps)
  • Dip Cam (Camera Corps)
Wire/Cable Systems
  • Vertical Tracking System (Camera Corps)
  • Flown Tracking System (Camera Corps)
Polecam (Polecam)


Camera Corps operates at the cutting edge of broadcast technology across the most prestigious and high profile world events and productions. From reality series to entertainment shows and International sporting events, the Camera Corps team are there to capture the coverage of the events, providing the “wow” factor shots that global audiences love and admire. Camera Corps has achieved a pre-eminent reputation for its ability to acquire exciting and unusual television content from exceptionally challenging environments. Core to our business is impeccable customer service - whether you need to hire a single camera for one day, or assemble the host broadcast for the biggest audiences across the world, Camera Corps deal with you in an old fashioned personal way and are here to support you every step of the journey.


Winter Sports
  • Ski Pole Cam
  • Ice Cam
  • Helmet Cam
  • Flying Cam
  • Target Cam
Summer Sports
  • Plunge Cam
  • Vault Cam
  • High Jump Cam
  • Flying Cam
  • Target Cam
Team Sports
  • Flying Cam
  • Helmet Cam
  • Goal Cam


Camera Corps Ltd are Leaders in supplying Speciality Remote Cameras and Remote Tracking Systems, Camera Support Systems and Full Service Facilities to broadcasters of international and regional events.

Camera Corps' international Team of skilled and experienced Technicians and Engineers ensure the highest standards of installation, transmission, technical support and customer service.

Camera Corps continue to invest in new camera systems and to develop and manufacture Bespoke Camera Systems in order to deliver High Quality Broadcast Solutions to all clients.

With a wealth of Experience at International and Regional Sporting Events, Camera Corps provides a complete package of Speciality Camera Solutions for all Summer Sporting Events.

Most recently at the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne 2006, Camera Corps. provided a complete range of Remote Tracking and Remote Camera Systems across a broad spectrum of sporting events.

The Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race provided the opportunity to redevelop a fully controllable, RF linked, remote camera located on each boat behind the cox to provide shots of the in-boat action during the race.

At the Winter Olympic Games in Turin in 2006, Camera Corps provide a comprehensive range of Remote Camera Systems and Speciality Cameras.

New innovations included the Ice Hockey Referee Helmet Camera and the Slalom Ski Pole Camera. Visit our Special Projects page for more details on these innovations.