General Contact

Luc Poullain

240, Rue Hélène Boucher BP 343 FR- 78533 Buc Cedex France +33 1 39 567 980 (work) +33 1 39 567 989 (fax)

ACS France

General Contact

Luc Poullain

240, Rue Hélène Boucher BP 343 FR- 78533 Buc Cedex France +33 1 39 567 980 (work) +33 1 39 567 989 (fax)

Shotover K1

Technical Synopsis


  • Triangle (Jimmy Jib)
  • Polecam (Polecam)
  • SuperTower 20 (r-t-s)
  • SuperTower 6 (r-t-s)
Russian Arm (ACS France)
Remote Mounts
  • PEE-POD 500 (A&C)
  • PEE-POD 1000 (A&C)
Stabilized Mounts
Mini-Gyro Mount (Tyler)
Gyro-Stabalised Mounts
  • Stab-C Compact (Nettmann Systems)
  • Stab-C (Nettmann Systems)
  • SUPER G-2 (Nettmann Systems)
  • Cineflex V14HD (Axsys Technologies)
  • F1 (Shotover)
  • K1 (Shotover)
  • FlightHead V (CineMoves)




Rail/Track Systems
  • SpeedTrack (r-t-s)
  • SpeedTrack mini (r-t-s)
  • TrackRunner (r-t-s)
  • Speedtrack ENT Curve 24 (ACS France)
  • Liftarm (ACS France)
  • Mini-Track (ACS France)
Wire/Cable Systems
  • CableCam 1D (CableCam)
  • CableCam 2D (CableCam)
  • CableCam 3D (CableCam)
  • Skycam 3D (SKYCAM)
  • Microcable Ronin (ACS France)
Camera Vehicles
  • Super Gyron Boat (ACS France)
  • Super Gyron Bike (ACS France)
  • Loustic Tricycle (Carre Galopin)
  • Blimp Indoor (ACS France)
  • Travelling Range Rover Crane (ACS France)
  • Speed Car Audi (ACS France)
Onboard Systems
3CCD (ACS France)


Slow Motion
3D Filming
Nose/Lateral Bracket
RF Transmission


Winter Sports
  • Flying Cam
Summer Sports
  • Flying Cam
Team Sports
  • Flying Cam
Motor Racing Sports
  • Onboard Cam


ACS France was created in 1996 by Fred North, and has been run by Luc Poullain since 2003. ACS France is dedicated to providing dynamic imagery for the motion picture industry (feature films and commercials) and broadcasters; providing services and specific equipment such as helicopters, tracking vehicles, track, rails and cables with gyro-stabilised heads. With a track record of excellence for over 15 years, ACS France has proven technical prowess and flexibility regardless of location, and has coupled with the highest standards of safety as a responsive, dedicated, top quality partner to the film industry and the world’s leading sports events. ACS France is known to provide in the shortest time the shots as cinematographers and TV directors imagined them, with its team of trained professionals capable of contributing to any project with a top priority mission: satisfy the needs of the production in a professional and efficient manner and providing the best footage ever.

The best way to prove her efficiency and know how would be to list the numerous references in those various fields. The latest credits in sports: the African nations cup in Gabon, the Tennis French Open, the Olympic games in Athens, Beijing and Vancouver, the Rugby world cup, the European athletics championship etc.

To do so, ACS France provides different systems such as the one, two or three axes cablecam, which can film several meters above the ground with a system of ropes and pulleys which can be installed by our crew in stadiums, tennis courts or any other outside locations depending on the space available. The ACS France's Cablecam system in Roland Garros is a world plan. The 3 axes Cablecam flies overhead football games or rugby. The rig flies in the vertical (Z) and two horizontal axes (X and Y). This system provides the most unique shots you can find.

To get the best quality shots, you may use different camera heads (HD 1080i, 720p, SD camera, super slow motion or 3D camera head etc.) They are housed within advanced gyro-stabilized gimbals providing smooth and stable shots at speed. The most advanced technical means are used for control software, electronic winches and motors....

Another new aerial camera system to shoot soccer or rugby is the Skycam, a broadcast quality, robotic camera, suspended from a cable driven, computerized transport system. It can fly in a defined three dimensional space, putting the viewer right in the middle of a sporting event. ACS France has her crew under training to be able to use this product on the market later this year.

ACS France can provide other equipment such as the Polecam, the Jimmy Jib and the Speedtrack Filou.