EVS Sports360: The All-Round Sports Workflow

EVS provides maximum efficiency for demanding programming such as sports production where deadlines are extremely tight

The sports media business is undergoing rapid changes bringing on tough challenges for today’s broadcasters, including the partitioning of rights, the merge between IT and traditional broadcast technology, as well as the profusion of competing digital media platforms.

EVS Sports360° helps customers to take on these challenges successfully, bringing together the industry’s most reliable live production controllers, novel highlight creation and content management suites, resourceful archive monetization tools, and instant multimedia delivery platforms.

In 1994, EVS revolutionized sports broadcasting with the world’s first ever slow motion replay produced from a video server. Since then, the Belgian company has pioneered the development of tapeless solutions for live and near-live sports productions offering faster and greater access to content, which has significantly enhanced the viewing experience of millions of sports fans over the years.

Currently, EVS provides a full range of integrative products designed to increase the value of sports content produced from various setups.

With their unique loop recording technology and Multicam LSM software, EVS’ XT series servers have continually set the pace in terms of speed, precision and reliability. Outside broadcast producers and facility companies have come to rely on EVS technology for the production of live events requiring a high performance level for the acquisition of multiple camera feeds, instant production operations such as: Live Slow Motion, Super Motion, Ultra Motion replays, the insertion of analytical graphics on live programs as well as on the fly highlights creation.

To ensure the production of replays and edits during a live sports event, multiple-camera SDI feeds are immediately recorded on EVS video production servers’ ingest channels installed in Outside Broadcast facilities (OB Vans) at the venue.


These advanced digital video recorders are based on a loop recording process, guaranteeing that no single shot is ever missed. Their live-oriented architecture (high level of redundancy and fault-tolerance ensure that no failure can interrupt the workflow) guarantee a maximum level of control for instant replays, highlights editing, clips compilation, and live graphic overlays managed by OB production teams during an event. Each server can simultaneously ingest and control multiple feeds.


During the production of a match or game, all XT servers installed in OBs are linked together allowing operators and production teams to share content as well as control media which is recorded on different network servers. Servers are grouped together through a dual media sharing network (high bandwidth SDTI & standard Gigabit Ethernet network). Any feed recorded on one server can be reviewed, clipped and played out from any other server. This allows operators to exchange clips and highlights with others, gathering all the best sequences and actions.

With its flexible 8-channel SD/HD and 6-channel 3D/1080p configuration, the new generation of XT servers combines EVS’ world-class speed and reliability with ultimate capability and performance. XT3 integrates today’s top IT and broadcast technologies offering broadcasters and producers unparalleled motion control and adaptability.

XT3 offers operators complete media control from ingest to playout; including live editing, slow motion replays, multi-channel playback and transfer to third-party systems such as craft editors, automation, archiving or storage.


The XT3 is the first server to natively support such a wide range of codecs without requiring hardware changes, allowing production teams to easily select amongst different compression schemes they want to use throughout the entire edit process. Designed to boost broadcasters’ live and near-live production capabilities, XT3 provides operators with the highest available level of bandwidth, flexibility and control.


Multicam LSM puts the most reactive live editing solutions available for sports and live event broadcasting in your hands. Controlling the XT2 and/or XT3 production server, Multicam LSM brings an unlimited level of quality to your production in either HD or SD format. Multicam LSM offers a renowned replay mode function in slow motion, super motion and a range of on the fly editing actions which are used every day by broadcasters worldwide. Clip management, playlist management, split screen mode, delay functions for live and near-live presentation and a series of creative graphics tools are all part of the Multicam LSM package. Multicam LSM is fully scalable and adaptable and can integrate into any live production configuration or workflow. From acquisition to editing, playout and archiving, Multicam LSM is the key solution for getting the most out of live editing in sports and live events. Multicam LSM guarantees the highest level of stability while offering a fully transparent technology evolution follow-up.


XTnano is the HD/SD slow motion replay server from EVS designed for live sports productions requiring simple workflows. XTnano is the perfect toolbox for essential highspeed operations with maximum reliability. Optimized for multiple applications, such as ingest of audio/video files, live feed recording, live slow motion and super motion, clipping and playlist playout control, XTnano offers a flexible configuration.

The new server natively supports DVCPRO HD and DVCPRO 50 codecs, and with its GigE networking capabilities, A/V files can be played and simultaneously transferred to other EVS servers, as well as all standard NLE and archive systems. XTnano can also be configured with 4 full 3D channels (Dual link) offering all live slow-motion replay and highlight editing functions. Based on EVS’ unique loop recording technology and its experience in the demanding world of live sports broadcasting, XTnano is a robust replay server that is optimized for HD and SD production workflows.


Production companies can enhance live sport productions with EpsioLive, which is now an integral part of LSM. LSM operators can insert graphic overlays in real-time or in instant replays, adding value to commentators’ live analyses without additional resources.

The available graphic overlays are, in EpsioLive-Soccer, an offside line, 9 meters circle, distance be instantly added with the LSM remote controller and are immediately available. As an option, a graphical pack for virtual advertising can be added to Epsio. The package allows to insert virtual animations permitting to adapt advertisements to the audience. Epsio-Live automatically detects the content of each plan and tracks the camera movements.

Key Factors
• Live graphics insertion based on LSM remote control
• The fastest sports graphic analysis system
•Field limit auto detection of camera moving tracking


XS is a new generation of intelligent production servers specifically designed for studio applications. XS is the perfect solution for replacing VTRs.

Built on EVS’ unique loop recording technology, XS provides unmatched solutions for the recording of multiple audio and video feeds, as well as for control and playback operations. XS can be managed by a range of EVS hardware and software controllers adapted to all types of production workflows. Thanks to its open architecture, XS can also be managed by third-party tools; such as automation systems, linear or hybrid editors, switchers and controllers. XS makes recorded media instantly and directly available throughout the production network for simultaneous preview, rough editing, archiving, playback or postproduction. The server supports a wide range of formats and codec configurations to fit all types of workflows, streamline media transfer to better preserve quality. XS can be configured with six full 3D/1080p channels (3G/Dual link) and offers the same features in a 3D environment.


IPDirector is an integrated suite of video production management applications giving you total control of productions via EVS servers integrated into any workflow. The IPDirector Suite allows ingest control, metadata management, on the fly editing and playout scheduling, all managed from a single interface. Running on a Windows-based workstation, IPDirector is user friendly for every member on the production team, so all network personnel can instantly share content, edits and metadata. The software suite transparently integrates with any third-party system, simplifying transfer of your media to post-production tools or archiving. IPDirector expands your horizons by increasing your workflow’s organization and accessibility.

In today’s challenging sports media environment with rights distribution partitioning, broadcasters must be able to deliver dedicated content on multiple platforms such as TV, web, mobile phones, tablets or connected TV, to their respective viewing audiences. EVS’ new “CloudCast” solution is designed to facilitate the distribution of live media directly to consumers via dedicated web applications. Using tablets, mobile devices or web interfaces, C-Cast works in conjunction with EVS’ live production applications, allowing viewers to access key sequences, specifically edited packages or multiangle camera shots.

C-Cast comes together with EVS’ existing live multicam production infrastructures. Operated by broadcasters and OB facilities, the tool smoothly delivers instant additional content to viewers on second screen media platforms. All descriptive metadata associated with event footage are used as keywords facilitating content retrieval on webconnected devices for End Users. C-Cast utilities reinforce the value of live and near-live broadcast packages to become more adaptable for a new generation of media consumers who are multitaskers.

The solution is comprised of automated software functions guaranteeing instant media processing between the live production server and data centre (local or remote). Depending on required  configuration, the C-Cast data centre gathers XML metadata and distributes content to cloud and web-connected devices. Based on its advanced API architecture, C-Cast can feed information to any customized web interface linked to its data centre.

C-Cast allows broadcasters to engage their multitasking audiences in a new manner during live sporting events. With the multicam clip review action, viewers could get additional review angles on their web-connected device while reviewing tweets from the web community.

C-Cast allows broadcasters to engage their multitasking audiences in a new manner during live sporting events. With the multicam clip review action, viewers could get additional review angles on their web-connected device while reviewing tweets from the web community.

Key Factors

• Second screen live content delivery

• Live streaming & multicam action review

• Key actions, highlight browsing and review

• Stats-related content

• Player / Team / Personality Tracking

• Can be adapted to any customers’ interface

Nowadays, sports media management can be complex due to an increase in volume while being spread over countless platforms. The use of various media file formats contributes to this complexity as well. Also, there is the issue of the diminished value of unused content. As a result, EVS has developed a centralized media management system, based on integrated hardware and software tools guaranteeing quick and easy access to media while simplifying the promotion and distribution of sports content.

Many workflows are so extensive that media come from several entry points and are dispersed over numerous locations and platforms. It is often difficult to locate where to put something and how to deliver it, or where to find something and how to access it. Getting or putting media instantly in the right format at the right place is the key challenge of actual and future workflows.

Descriptive metadata associated to those media are often stored in numerous databases which hardly communicate with each other. Incomplete or unrecoverable metadata always induce a loss of time and money and may cause a lot of stress.

The concept of EVS’ MediArchive Director (M.A.D.) is to offer a set of software tools to centrally manage the different platforms of the workflows, including their formats, and allow for intelligent media browsing based on metadata and logging. Fast and easy delivery is automatically handled by the central tool, which manages automated media digitization, re-wrapping, and controls all of the necessary robots to optimize management and provides a cost-effective content solution delivery.

M.A.D. activity includes multiple processes management in the media workflow:

Ingest Process: Multiple Audio/Video input acquisition and file import management including associated metadata. The ingest management process includes the content digitization and media conforming (if required) as well as media tagging and logging management.

• Feeds ingest (programs, packages, highlights, directors feeds, etc.)
• Files import : File based AV content
• Data import : Metadata
• Digitization
• Quality control
• Media conforming (rewrapping, transcoding)
• Multiple inputs : Servers, FTP, VTR, Tape Library, etc.

Content Centralization Process: Media centralization to a near-line storage platform with advanced high and lowresolution management and access control orchestration.
• Near-line storage
• High & Low resolution management
• Access control
• Off-line storage integration
• Output & delivery systems management

Content Delivery Process: Advanced media browsing, selection and delivery combining web and broadcast technologies. M.A.D. delivery operations guarantee an automated generation of multiformat content on unlimited output platforms.
• Web browsing
• Media selection & ordering
• Media duplication
• Media conforming (re-wrapping, transcoding)
• Multiple output delivery : FTP, web, VOD, Blu-Ray, etc.

These processes area handled by 3 modules:
Ingest, an input module for digitization, Management, a management module, and Delivery, a distribution module. All of the modules use the same Oracle database.
The architecture is designed to obtain a smooth and reliable workflow. From ingest to media creation or web consulting, all necessary steps are continuously monitored and controlled by a simple and central interface. Fast post-production delivery allows the editing process to focus on emotion rather than on transfers.

EVS provides maximum efficiency for demanding programming such as sports production where deadlines are extremely tight. EVS’ integrated solutions offer a robust and blazing fast method to record, edit and play back countless number of hours of game coverage and post-game interviews required for live shows or sports programming. Intuitive tools enable all clips to be logged and stored, allowing any producer or editor instant access to all online and nearline media. EVS systems can be tailored to the specific workflow needs, integrating other departments for the repurposing or the postproduction of any type of content at any given time and for any given event.