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PRG at EXPO 2010 Shanghai China

EXPO 2010 Shanghai Opening Ceremony 30 April 2010

PRG was technical supplier for the following projects at EXPO 2010 Shanghai China:

- Opening Ceremony
- Shanghai Corporate Pavilion
- Theme Pavilion - Urban Globe
- Hong Kong Pavilion
- United Arab Emirates Pavilion
- Belgium-EU Pavilion
- Swiss Pavilion Music Event
- Finnish Pavilion National Day Events
- French Pavilion Citroen Exhibition
- Bremen Pavilion
- Freiburg Pavilion

Shanghai Corporate Pavilion

Video, Sound, Lighting, Interaction and System Integration
PRG project preparation time: 9 months
Build-up period: February 1, 2010 - March 30, 2010
Date of project completion: April 19, 2010
Show duration: May 1, 2010 - October 31, 2010
Dismantling period: November 1, 2010 - November 10, 2010
Scope of work: System Integrator for Audio, Lighting, AV Systems and Show Control
Number of crew members involved: Peak: approx. 60; Average: 15
Amount of equipment (trailers, tons): 16 x 40 feet containers + 50 tons airfreight


Complex technical setup in a very limited area. The installation took place while the construction work was still ongoing. The planning process has been an international coordination between the USA, Australia, China and Germany.

PRG had to develop a lot of customized constructions in order to mount all the technical gear (e.g. OLite wall constructions on an angled floor with integrated holders for seamless LCD screens as well as complete theatre ceiling constructions).

Furthermore, PRG was responsible for the so-called “Interactive Weeds” – nearly 2,000 polycarbonate poles (between 60 and 120 cm tall), which are attached to a 3 Watt LED dot in a customized holder. The challenge was to ensure that they react to visitors, who move their hands over the poles.


LED facade of the Shanghai Corporate Pavilion


PRG developed a camera motion tracking system with 50 high speed cameras and a customized playout system, which creates specifically defined animation patterns in DVI format. All interactive weed poles received their color information through this real time generated DVI signal.


2.000 interactive weeds react to visitor’s moves

Project description

Major Shanghai enterprises have funded money and hired SQC to coordinate this project. SQC hired the Architect FJCZ and ESI Design as well as Full Flood for the Lighting Design. This creative team developed the whole Design of the Shanghai Corporate Pavilion, dubbed the “Dream Cube”. PRG was appointed as system integrator in the course of a tender procedure. The “Dream Cube” covers an area of about 4,000 square meters. Its outer appearance is a 3-D grid pattern LED tube array. Within this grid structure are the building shells where the whole exhibition is located.

In addition to the exhibition area with its 360 degree theatre, there are further areas such as the visitor’s restaurant and the retail area as well as office spaces and the main control in the mezzanine floor.

The whole exhibition is a media based experience about Shanghai and the different feelings and moods the citizens have about it.

PRG has also provided technical equipment for the night show, which takes place three times every evening on the surface of the building and includes the LED facade, lighting equipment and a huge dV-DOSC sound system.

People involved

PRG Account Manager: Udo Willburger
PRG Project Manager: Ingmar Harriers, Mike Brockmann
Exhibition Design: ESI Design New York; Ed Schlossberg and Team
Lighting Designer: Full Flood Bob Dickinson, Noah Mitz
Lighting Designer: Chris Werner
Content Designer: Spinifex/Sydney, Director Yang, Yvonne Ho, Richard Lindsay, Tracey Taylor
Building Architect: FCJZ/Beijing, Yung Ho Chang


Exhibition area and 360 degree cinema

Extract of the Equipment List

• inSynergie Show Control System - 5 Master PCs and approx. 200 Playout and Data Evaluation-PCs
• 42” GEPRO Outdoor LCD Screen – 24 units
• Barco MiSTRIP (1.48 m + 0.375 m) – 350 units
• NEC X461UN 46” Seamless LCD – 32 units
• Orion 4220 42” Seamless Plasmas – 30 units
• Sharp PN655E 65” LCD – 4 units
• Panasonic TH103 PF-10EK 103” Plasma – 2 units
• Panasonic PT-DZ 6710, 6000ANSI Lumen HD DLP Projector with soft edge and warping – 32 units
• Panasonic PT-D 7600 6000 ANSI Lumen 4:3 DLP Projector – 5 units
• Barco OLite 510, 10 mm SMD LED wall – 140sqm
• Schnick-Schnack-Systems C-Type LED PCB Board LED Panels, 50 mm pixel pitch SMD Type LEDs – 200sqm
• ETC S4 Leco with sea changer CMY color changer – 50 units
• Weed pole custom construction with custom pole holder and custom 3 Watt LED dots – 1.800 units
• Custom ceiling light pole, 0.5 m, double sided equipped with Schnick-Schnack-Systems C-Type LED Striplites – 1.350 units
• Color Kinetics CB 12 TR / Powercore – 500 units
• VARI*LITE VL5 – 24 units
• GLP Impression with custom lens – 32 units
• Martin Tripix LED Striplites – 300m
• Space Cannon 7 kW Xenon Searchlight – 24 units
• Traxon 6 Watt LED dots IP65 mounted with 400 mm Pixel pitch as cable chains – 1200m
• Diverse Loudspeakers – 54 dV-DOSC, approx. 150 Meyer Sound (MM4, UPM, UPA, HP 700), 120 JBL (Control one, Control 25AV)
• Matrix Switchers, Fiberlinks, Amping, Audio Distribution Systems


Belgium EU Pavillion - Video, Sound, Lighting and System Integration

Bremen Pavillion - Video, Sound, Lighting and System Integration


Freiburg Pavillion - Video, Sound, Lighting and System Integration