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coolux at EXPO 2010 Shanghai China

EXPO 2010 Pavilions

coolux has delivered equipment for the following pavilions at EXPO 2010 Shanghai China:

- The Urban Planel Pavilion
- The Oil Pavilion
- The Singapore Pavilion
- The Australian Pavilion
- The Cisco Pavilion
- The Hong Kong Pavilion
- The US Pavilion
- The Macao Pavilion

Dome Projection

The Urban Planet Pavilion: A beautiful hemispherical projection impresses the visitors due to the enormous size (30 meter diameter). Underneath the sphere waits another dome projection. 30 x coolux Player PRO an 2 x coolux Manager STD were used. The German agency Triad worked together with the Chinese system integration company Foremost, to make this monumental project become a reality.



Foremost Group

4K Stereo 3D Cinema

The Oil Pavilion: Waiting time for this massively popular attraction: Up to nine hours! A "4D"-movie with 4K resolution on a large curved silver screen awaits the patient visitors.4 x coolux Server STD and 2 x coolux Manager STD were used.The 4 in "4D" refers to the special seats that feature wind, rumble effects etc. to make this show a once in a lifetime experience.



Softedge Panorama

The Singapore Pavilion: One of the highlights of the Singapore pavilion is undoubtedly this beautiful softedge panorama projection. The split screen editing style of the high quality video content makes perfect use of the shape of the screens. 4 x Pandoras Box Server LT were used by the Perfectus team for this project.



Motion Tracking Projection

The Australia Pavilion: Automated sculptures are connected to three revolving walls surrounding the round stage during a multimedia show. Whilst the walls are actively moving up and down around the stage, HD video is being projected and tracked, with the projection seamlessly following the walls. Think!OTS were responsible for the design, management and the implementation of this project. 4 x coolux Server STD, 4 x coolux Player PRO and 2 Manager PRO were used.



Curved Screen Projection

The Cisco Pavilion: Visitors of the Cisco pavilion can watch a short film on a softedged curved screen, highlighting the many benefits of a future involving Cisco technology in daily life situations. 1 x Pandoras Box Server LT and 1 x Pandoras Box Manager STD guaranteed a lasting impression, made possible through the work of ETG Ltd.


Cisco ETG


Interactive Video Screens

The Hong Kong U.B.P.A.: With a 360° projection, interactive video screens und numerous LED-walls, the Hongkong U.B.P.A. offered a state of the art multimedia experience one would usually only expect from bigger country pavilions. 32 x Pandoras Box Player PRO and 2 x Pandoras Box Manager PRO were needed for this impressive set-up, put together by Centro Digital Ltd.

Centro Digital


Multi Screen Display

The US Pavilion: A state of the art Multi Screen display wall awaits visitors of the US pavilion, who can watch corporate sponsored film clips that highlight the many different faces of a global society benefitting from modern technology. Pandoras Box LT and STD servers were used by the Perfectus crew for this installation.

Architectural Projection

The Macao U.B.P.A. Pavilion: A perfect replica of the famous 92 year old Tak Seng On Pawnshop. The architectural projection accentuates the beauty of the colonial architecture employing a so called "building wrapping" effect. 2 x Pandoras Box Player PRO and 1 x Pandoras Box Manager STD were used by MediaGO Ltd. for this beautiful nighttime attraction.