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World Television Day 21 November

World Television Day 21 November

Today UN Television reports from all over the world – news footage direct from the latest humanitarian crisis; documentaries putting a human face to crucial issues of our time – human rights, peace and security, and development; live coverage of the UN Security Council as it responds to global crises, and of the annual General Assembly when world leaders gather at the organization’s New York headquarters.
The UN’s TV producers report from locations around the globe – from peacekeeping missions such as South Sudan and Haiti; from political missions in countries like Afghanistan and Colombia; and from the UN’s vast network of operations worldwide.
Launched in 1947, UN Television has won numerous awards: an Oscar for a short documentary on people with disabilities; an Emmy nomination for a documentary on Cambodia’s genocide trials; a human rights award for a profile of an act of courage in South Sudan; a prize for an animated feature on the environment that imagines an edible planet.
On Monday, 21 November 2016, UNTV is hosting an open day at its studios. Download the programme
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