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Two Skiing World Championships in February

Two Skiing World Championships in February

The FIS Alpine World Championships in St. Moritz and the IBU Biathlon World Championships in Hochfilzen

Free Fall in St. Moritz
The start to the Men’s Downhill on the approximately 3 km long Corviglia run is the sporting highlight of the Ski Championships 2017. With a gradient of 45 degrees, the steepest start in the world feels practically like a vertical fall from a great height. Even the way up to the start is adventurous: a staircase of 187 steel steps leads up to an altitude of 2840 meters. When looking down from the start, the pulse of any racer shoots up to 120. From here the athletes accelerate in a few seconds to around 140 km/h – faster than many racing cars. This speed is reached down a gradient of 100 percent or 45 degrees. The first 150 meters are almost vertical and convey the feeling of a free fall to the racers. This breathtaking start has consequently been named  ‘Free Fall’, giving the Pista Corviglia on the local mountain of St. Moritz its distinctive feature.  Nowhere else do skiers hurtle down such a steep rocky slope from a great height – the start to the downhill competition has become a myth on the ski circuit.
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The Hochfilzen Biathlon Center
Hochfilzen, located at the heart of Tirol’s Pillerseetal Valley, is busy preparing for hosting the Biathlon Worlds from February 08 to 19, 2017. No expense has been spared in a series of 20 million-euro investment projects that have seen the creation of a brand-new sporting venue and the upgrade of existing biathlon infrastructure, including an indoor shooting range, paved roller ski trails, and new spectator stands. The organizers of the 2017 BMW IBU World Championships Biathlon look forward to adding this year’s events to the Hochfilzen Biathlon Center’s legacy of successful sport competitions. After 1978 and 2005, 2017 will mark the third time that Tirol will host this momentous international event.
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