Tomorrow's Entertainment

Tomorrow's Entertainment: Your content will follow you everywhere, anywhere in 2041

To see where we’ll be in 25 years, just remember there were important firsts in 1991 -- first web site, notebook computers, color scanner, stereo sound card, multimedia PC standard, anti-virus software and Linux

Everything is changing at the speed of light … everything is in flux … everything is play when it comes to creation, delivery and consumption. As long as you understand what the content industry will be like in 2041 - 25 years from now, tomorrow will take care of itself. By 2041, not even your grandparents will be able to tell kids about the days that movies were sprocketed, 35mm moved up to 70mm and stereo sound was becoming popular with just an analog trace on the edge of the film. Today’s digital natives will be Millennials in 2041, carrying forward the habits they developed in their early years. They will simultaneously create content, edit it, post it on social media and carry on conversations with a constantly changing pool of “friends”. They will literally be documenting/uploading/sharing everything--instantly. And they will lose interest just as fast. The 1-5-minute life/impulse moments will be delivered to people based on their interests, mood, needs and curiosities supported by very appropriate/personal ads.

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