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PURE LIVE Magazins as Interactive E-Books

PURE LIVE Magazins as Interactive E-Books

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PURE LIVE Directory 2016
In PURE LIVE 2016 you find detailed descriptions of 24 new 4K/UHD OBVans from all around the world: Australia, China, Canada, Europe, United States, in particular AMP VISUAL TV, Arena, Clark Media, Croatel, Dome Productions, Euromedia, Gearhouse, Hunan TV, JSBC, Mediapro, NEP, Telegenic, Timeline\TV, TopVision, TV Skyline, TVN, Videohouse. PURE LIVE 2016 also presents portraits of international system integrators, rental facilities and production houses as well as case studies and reports highlighting the areas of video, audio and lighting in TV Live Productions for sports and entertainment: UEFA EURO - Adele - Le Mans 24h - Royal Opera Stockholm - Formula E - Montreux Jazz Festival - Trotting - PAC-12, to only name a few of the Highlights. PURE LIVE 2016 has a volume of 208 pages.

PURE LIVE Directory 2015
The 2015 Directory gives an overview on high end live productions from all around the world: The Volvo Ocean Race, the UEFA Champions League Final in Berlin, The Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna, The SEA Games in Singapore, The European Games in Baku, The UK Golf Open in St. Andrews, or The Glastonbury Festival to only name a view out of the 22 case studies we present. In addition you find 20 HD OBVans & HD Studios: _wige HD_one & _wige HD_two, Bayerischer Rundfunk FÜ2, CTV OB11, Gearhouse Broadcast OBPod, Gearhouse Broadcast Supertrucks 5 & 8, JSBC 4K OBVan, Nydalen Studios, OB-Team HD 2 & OB-Team HD 3, OB-Team SNG 9 HD, Oman TV HD1 Salalah & HD2 Muscat, Telerecord Unit 24, TopVision Ü2, TV Skyline Flight Pack, Videohouse HD one & HD two. Included in the 200 pages are also 17 company portraits like OB-Team Norway, Gearhouse Broadcast, _wige Group, Ostankino, or TopVision and finally a preview on NHK's 8K initiatives towards the Olympic Games 2020 in Tokyo.

PURE LIVE Directory 2014
The 2014 Directory features 11 worldwide operating Live TV Production Companies: AED, AMP Visual TV, Croatel, Euromedia Group, ISTIL, Lig TV, Mediapro, NEP SABC, Studio Berlin/Hamburg and tpc. In addition to detailed listings of the available OBVans, Studios, FlyPacks, UpLinks and Wireless Equipment we will show the working areas inside the trucks and the studios as well as views of the monitor walls and the floor plans. You also will find a detailed review on the TV production of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil including the description of the multimedia package HBS had implemented in addition to a 34-camera plan for each of the 12 stadiums. Not only in sports mobile devices and apps offer an opportunity to deliver a second-screen experience that delivers the viewer’s demand for an interactive and portable experience. Additionally, the relationship with social media (Twitter, Facebook and more) and its communities enrich the experience and drive ratings. The forerunners in the entertainment sector are the Eurovision Song Contest and the live concerts of Robbie Williams - both events are featured: Because LIVE only happens once.