The Olympics in PyeongChang on Eurosports

Eurosport is presenting itself as “The Olympic Broadcaster”. Since February 9, Eurosport is bringing exclusive coverage of the Olympic Winter Games from PyeongChang to 48 markets across Europe – marking a world-first with a single media company taking responsibility for such a huge share of the global audience, about 750 million people to be precise! Part of the unique offering is the commitment to achieve that through technological innovations, transformative partnerships, and an all-screen strategy.
With real-life storytelling Eurosport is delivering the ultimate Olympic Games viewing experience, enabling audiences to enjoy every minute of live action from PyeongChang 2018, whenever and on whatever device they choose to watch it. From South Korea to Germany, Sweden, to Norway and Finland and to the United Kingdom, a total of 17 studios across the world are playing host to Eurosport’s cast of 150 winter sports experts and adding the local view on the events in PyeongChang.
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