NAB2019 Show to Feature New "Esports Experience"

NAB2019 Show to Feature New "Esports Experience"

NAB2019 Show is introducing the “Esports Experience,” a new exhibit floor destination located in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. The interactive area features exhibits, a theater and educational programming that showcase the latest online gaming trends and content delivery technologies. The 2019 NAB Show will be held April 6-11, with exhibits April 8-11. Sessions will examine the overall landscape of the increasingly popular live gaming industry. Examples of topics include branding, media rights, in-game camera systems, streaming, monetization, consumer engagement and game development, among others. The Esports Experience will include a live gaming component, in which attendees can observe professional teams and also have the opportunity to play themselves.

Get the actual picture in four weeks at this years NAB Show: This vast and comprehensive show floor showcases the latest game-changing tech, craft-altering trends and cutting-edge tools that change how we create, manage, deliver, consume and monetize content, no matter the purpose, no matter the screen.

As of today we feature 18 companies and their approach at the NAB2019 Show. This list is continously  updated. NAB2019 opens on 06April at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Barnfind  -  Broadcast Pix  -  Calrec  -  Dejero  -  Globrcast  -  LiveU  -  Lynx Technik  -  Marshall Electronics  -  Mediaproxy  -  MultyDyne -  PAGlink  -  Panasonic  -  Pixel Power  -  Ross Video   - - The Switch  -  TVU

The link "NAB2019" will always show you the actual list of featured companies and events in alphabetical order.