Live TV Celebrates Extra Time During UEFA EURO 2016

Live TV Celebrates Extra Time During UEFA EURO 2016

The figures from across Europe underline the power of TV to bring people together around live events, especially the young audiences. Euro 2016 beat viewership records throughout Europe. Unsurprisingly, new records for the most-watched TV programme have been set in France and Portugal, the countries that made it to the final, but also in nations such as Poland and Iceland.

Live sports events such as the Euros are usually enjoyed on TV sets. However, TV is now available everywhere and on every screen, and more and more viewers can watch games on tablets, smartphones or computer screens – either live or on-demand. Data from European broadcasters suggests that the majority of streams on broadcasters’ websites were to catch-up and replay services that enabled fans to enjoy highlights from previous games.

The fully audited global figures for the matches will not be known for some time, but broadcasters are already confident that the numbers may surpass the 299 million viewers worldwide who watched the Spain-Italy final in 2012.

We estimate that more than 110 million people in Europe watched the final match, and that even excludes those who enjoyed the game in bars, fan zones, giant open-air gatherings and elsewhere … that’s a European equivalent of the Super Bowl!”

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