The Live-Content Biz Is Booming, but Challenges Remain

The promise of television in 1950 was the same as it is today: The unique ability to be live and to present an uncertain outcome — whether a game or a life-and-death situation or an unbelievable musical performance. Just because the delivery methods and the ways we consume it are different, it’s still TV. It will continue to evolve, and it’s a business we all want to be in. And one of the cornerstones for Live TV is the OBVan! Out of the more than 1.000 OBVans all over the world our portal meanwhile presents 426 trucks with the main technical specifications and the point of contact. It is one of the most used data source from sport and event organizers to find the right sized truck for the events they have on their schedule. The challenge is to keep the generation of the multitaskers with the program: Even when the content is viewd live, the average viewer is likely multitasking on a laptop or a mobile device. While sports and news offer live content on a daily — almost hourly — basis, one-off high-profile live events create a different kind of viewing: Regardless of whether it’s on a big screen in the living room, on a laptop in a college dorm room, or a mobile device on the road, tv viewers have not lost their taste for live programming — be it sports, news, concerts, musicals, or any other form of appointment viewing.