Linkin Park 4K: The Energy is Visible in the Images

Samsung Supported World Premiere in 4K

On the day of the event Linkin Park explained to the 4K camera crew that they not expect the plain filming of their event with the 12 cameras - however they expect to see the energy and the power of their music being reflected in the coverage. For that reason they had flown in one of their favorite DOPs from Los Angeles with a set of various accessories ranging from lens shakers to specialty filters. They also created some of the filters by themselves by cutting off the bottom of plastic water bottles and used them as effect filters. A further wish was the inclusion of one of their camera man into the production team and to operate one of the handheld cameras on stage. Finally Linkin Park advised the other camera men that they should not be astonished if someone is using a flashlight to shine into their lenses. All this led to some amazing effects which enhanced the filmed live performance of Linkin Park for the spectators on the 4K TV sets.

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