INTEL at CES: freeD - Curie - Drones

Transforming the way people train, view and compete in sports, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich  announced a series of exciting collaborations with leading industry brands that will use technology and data analytics to benefit people's overall health, fitness and athletic performance. Intel announced plans to work with ESPN and Red Bull Media House to design Intel-powered solutions that empower athletes and bring amazing viewing experiences to life, and joint efforts with New Balance and Oakley to personalize and advance the tools people use to be more active.
As Intel technology continues to inspire people to create, invent and explore, Krzanich announced a multiyear partnership with The Recording Academy® as part of its official "Next Generation of GRAMMY® Moments" to bring technological innovation to the program so people can see, engage and be amazed by the evolution of technology in music. The first artist to collaborate with Intel to create a unique musical experience - will be six-time GRAMMY®-winning global music icon Lady Gaga.
These collaborations underscore the three trends that Krzanich said are shaping the future: the smart and connected world, technologies gaining human-like senses, and computing becoming ultra-personal.

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