Implement the Universal Basic Income to keep the Live Events Industry alive

Implement the Universal Basic Income to keep the Live Events Industry alive

The live music industry is indefinitely on hold amid the coronavirus pandemic as concert halls and similar venues are closed, and this has led to the suffering of thousands of artists and crew members around the world.

In the UK alone 170,000 jobs are lost in live music industry before end of 2020 as revenue falls by 80%

There are over 30 million people across the globe who work in live events; the majority of which have not worked since the Corona outbreak and remain unsure as to when their work will return. Following previously successful Days of Actions from the #WeMakeEvents team, the Global Action Day sought to bring together the global industry and highlight the impact that its effective shutdown is having throughout the world.

The last www action day on 30September started in New Zealand and Australia, where key landmarks such as the Auckland Sky Tower, The Domain in Sydney and Perth’s Matagarup Bridge were illuminated. The red wave then moved through other countries including India, the Philippines, Greece, Turkey, Poland, Germany, Austria, Norway, USA and South Africa, to name but a few.

For over 100 years, when the world needs help, who do they turn to? The Live Event Industry. Whether it be for making the world aware of a need or to raise money, the Live Event Industry has always jumped to the forefront and delivered.

George Harrisons Concert for Bangladesh - Farm Aid –  Live Aid - “We Are The World” - “Do they Know that it’s Christmas” – A Concert for Life  - The Tibetan Freedom Concert - The Concert For New York - America: A Tribute to Heroes - 4664 – Nelson Mandela Tribute - Tsunami Aid: A Concert For Hope - Katrina- A Concert For Hurricane Relief  - Shelter From The Storm-A Concert For The Gulf Coast - Live Earth-Combat Climate Change - Stand Up For Cancer - Hope For Haiti Now - The Concert For Sandy Relief - One Love Manchester.

There have been many, many more great events, but these are the most well-known. The Live Event Industry has always been there in times of need. Not unlike the Red Cross, the Live Event Industry shows up every time we are asked to provide artists, stages, lights, sound, video, lasers, pyro, crew, venues, catering, staging, busses, trucks, and support to raise awareness, money, and love. We mainly work for free to enable all of the money raised benefits those in need. We give greatly of ourselves and our companies each time, no questions asked.

New research published today shows that over 26,000 permanent jobs will be lost in the live music industry before the end of the year if Government support is withdrawn. In addition, 144,000 FTE roles, including self-employed and freelance workers, will have effectively ceased to exist by the end of 2020.

This needs action now: We all should support the implementation of the universal basic income for all these event specialists. All tax offices can easily see what income the self-employed and freelance workers have earned in the past and what tax was paid. Now tall countries should implement the Universal Basic Income to keep the Live Events Industry alive and ready for the times after Corona. Within weeks and days of Corona passing away we are going to experience a culture boom: we will be dancing again together, singing together, sharing plates, holding hands, kissing and running together. And the Live Event Industry needs to be ready for this next culture revolution. Now fight for the Universal Basic Income: Start tomorrow at the #AlarmstufeRot Demonstration in Berlin Planet Earth without events is like the Moon.