IBC Preview #5 - Rising Stars

A unique chance to experience all the industry has to offer

The IBC2015 Rising Stars Programme offers a new generation of students and young professionals the chance to experience the realities of the electronic media and entertainment industry. A free event, it provides a truly unique flavour of the workplace with an unrivalled array of business personalities who have been invited to inspire, educate and challenge those attending. Delegates are part of an amazing event which includes free entry to the fourteen exhibition halls; exclusive conference sessions tackling the topics that really matter to young professionals; exclusive networking opportunities and an invitation to the IBC Hackfest party.

Delegates will get to see and handle the latest technology and learn about how the industry is developing; meeting established, successful and highly influential industry figures, as well as some of the brightest and most ambitious young entrepreneurs working in the industry today. The Rising Stars Programme offers the chance to network and meet others in a similar position, as well as to gain inspiration from current Rising Stars who are already making their way in the business.

We currently have IBC Previews online of the following companies.
Adder  -  Anton/Bauer  -  Apantac  -  Argosy  -  Artel  -  AVIWEST  -  Axon  -  Bluebell  -  BMS  -  Bradley Engineering  -  Broadcast Solutions  -  Calrec  -  Camerobot  -  ChyronHego  -  Clear-Com  -  Cobham  -   Danmon Group  -  DirectOut  -  EBU  -  EVS  -  eyevis  -  FOR-A  -  Fujinon  -  Gearhouse Broadcast  -  Genelec  -  Grass Valley  -  Guntermann & Drunck  -  Hitachi  -  i-movix  -  IABM  -  IHSE  -  Ikegami  -  Imagine Communications  -  Jünger Audio  -  K-tec  -  L-S-B  -  Lawo  -  LMC  -  Matrox  -  MHz  -  NCAM  -  NewTek  -  NTP  -  Quantel  -  Riedel  -  Rohde & Schwarz  -  Roland  -  rt1.tv  -  RTS  -  Sennheiser  -  Snell  -  Sommer Cable  -  Sony  -  Sound Devices  -  Thomson  -  Tiffen  -  TSL  -  TVU  -  Vizrt  -  VRT

The new entries from this week are displayed in bold. The previews will be maintained on a daily basis and the link IBC2015 will always show the growing number of featured companies in alphabetical order.