IBC Preview #4 - The Architecture for the Digital World

The International Honour for Excellence 2015, the highest honour IBC bestows, this year recognises a technology – and the company behind it – which has been a key enabler of the transformation of our industry. The award goes to ARM, the company behind the processors in virtually all of our smartphones and tablets.
It is sobering to realise that the iPhone is barely more than eight years old, yet it and the products that followed have transformed the way we view media. That we can drive realtime, high resolution graphics and videos on a device in the palm of our hand, with a day’s battery life is a remarkable technical achievement.
It is made possible by ARM’s specialisation, reduced instruction set computing (RISC). Today, around one-third of all intelligent electronic devices have ARM technology inside, thanks to its development and continuing research. In turn, the creative, commercial and technical future of the media industry depends upon these mobile devices.

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