Focus on Shanghai: Live Production with SMT

Shanghai Media T e c h or SMT is one of China’s largest media and cultural conglomerates, with the most complete portfolio of media and related businesses. Shanghai Media Tech (SMT) evolved from the former Technical Center of Shanghai Radio and Television Bureau which was established in May 1987. SMT has the main business in the following seven fields: the broadcast, pre-production, post-production and transmitting broadcast of the radio and television programs, the operation and maintenance of the network, system integration and the application development of new media. Besides, SMT has also expanded to embrace some new business such as special effect cinematography, 3D/4K production, visual creation and New-Media product. In addition, SMT has established great partnership with global media giants such as BBC, NHK, ABC, KBS and Star TV in Hong Kong, meanwhile maintaining good cooperative relations with top institutions worldwide.

Shanghai Media Tech

Focus on NAB:THree Weeks to go - As of today we feature 30 companies and their approach at the NAB2019 Show. This list is continously  updated. NAB2019 opens on 06April at the Las Vegas Convention Center.
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