The First Half Year Online - A Short Review in Pictures

The Five most accessed News Stories and Case Studies and the most viewed HD OBVans

The Top Five News
• TopVision produced Champions League Game in 3D HD
• Historic Win for Germany in 3D
• Champions League Final in 3D on Sky UK
• Media Rights Licensees at the IBC
• Mobile Production Companies rely on Grass Valley Technologies to bring Vancouver Winter Games Home

The Top Five Case Studies
• 3D Production: FIFA World Cup™ 2010
• HD Production: FIFA World Cup™ 2010
• World Athletics from Berlin
• UltraMotion
• CTV in the Vancouver 2010 Games

The Five most viewed HD OBVans
• AirTime / SABC OB 2J HD
• AMP Car 8 HD & 3D
• Alfacam OB22HD
• TopVision HD Ü5
• Telegenic T16 HD and 3D