Exploring multi-platform content at IBC2017

Exploring multi-platform content at IBC2017

IP is no longer a “future” — it is here and now

IBC2017 brings together once more all the latest ideas, innovations and incredible technologies from our industry, into a single specially-curated showcase area - the IBC Future Zone. This year, the focus is on multi-sensory virtual worlds and imagery of the future. Step through the Future Zone ‘time tunnel’ into the exciting realms of mixed reality, 3D audio, mind-blowing video displays and holographic projections. Smart AV is working in partnership with the IBC Future Zone to supply a 6m x 2.5m tunnel created from LED alone. As a leader in creative event technology solutions, Smart AV fuse the bridge between creative concepts and the highest-grade event technology. With LED being the future of visual display, the tunnel will be created from a 3.9mm pixel pitch, taking you from night to day within the Future Zone and displaying some of this year's most exciting and innovative content.

  • IBC represents an important annual industry dialogue where the worlds of technology and media intersect.
  • The greatest thing about IBC is that it provides the facilities to network with industry professionals whilst getting great knowledge on new technology.
  • IBC is not about quantity it’s about quality. Conversations are enlightening in every sense. Everyone is here to do business.

IBC2017 opens on 15 September at the RAI Exhibition Centre in Amsterdam. As of today we feature 7 companies and their approach at the IBC2017 Show. This list is continuously updated.

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