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Download your Copy of PURE LIVE

Download your Copy of PURE LIVE

The 2018 Directory presents 20 new HD/UHD trucks in quite detail. The presentations include trucks from AMP VISUAL TV, Antenna Hungaria, Cinevideo, ERR, Infinity, Liaoning TV, LRT, Mediacam, Mediapro, Mobile TV Group, NEP Australia, NEP Belgium, NEP Sweden, NEP USA, Reckord, Studio Berlin, Shanghai Media Group, Sky Perfect Broadcast, Telegenic and Professional Show. In addition, we highlight IP Live Production in Australia. To overcome the obstacles of distance and location in remote production, NEP created centralized Internet Protocol (IP) production centers in Sydney, NSW, and Melbourne, VIC, which are named in memory of NEP Australia’s late and much-loved CEO, Keith Andrews, who championed the initiative. Another highlight is the production of the international signal of the FIFA World Cup in Russia. In addition, we had a look to the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon, "The World of Hans Zimmer", which was touring Germany's largest sports halls, and we visited Italian superstar Vasco Rossi at the Stadio San Nicola in Bari together with 50,000 adoring fans.

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