Despite Hurdles, Drones Are Taking Off

Since there’s no uniform global or national approach to the legal use of drones the manufacturers and professional users are doing their darndest. The potential – for sales and especially applications - are outta ‘ sight:
-        Agriculture/farming services/spraying
-        Mapping/topography/geospatial
-        First responder services – police, fire, medical
-        Utilities – pipeline, powerline inspection
-        Construction management/supervision
-        Scientific research
-        Package delivery (Yes Amazon Prime Air but DHL is already doing it.)
What do they all have – sorta’ in common?
Right! Video.
That’s probably why the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) spent more than $4M over the past two years lobbying to make it easier for filmmakers to use small drones for film-making.
And drone filmwork isn’t just for the big film, news people anymore.

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Further below we are featuring three applications with Aerigon Drones.