Creativity Can be Augmented ... Not Artificial

Augmented Creativity: Bridging the Real and Virtual Worlds

Maybe you haven't heard it yet but AI is going to change/save the world. Sit back, relax and technology will make things good/great for you. Gimme a freakin break! AI can help film/show folks do a lot of things but it can't "feel" when a shot/scene/segment is right. It can formulize a show but it can't "know" when a project is going to touch an individual or entire audience to amplify emotions that make you cry, cheer, strain to help the folks on the screen or pull back when danger/disaster strikes. That takes a soul and hardware/software don't have a soul no matter how damn good AI makes itself. Of course, that won't stop folks at this year's IBC Future Zone telling us how their AI tools will improve – revolutionize - the M&E industry...even if they don't know what it is or even use the technology. The truth is...AI in the M&E industry sucks! Techies love it – artificial – meaning you can simply sit back, drink mojitos and the money rolls in.
However, we believe IBM's Ginni Rometty's has a better grasp of AI – augmented – it enhances what we do.

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