The Continued Rise of Global LIVE Streaming

Global Live Streaming Up 54% YoY in Q3

Live streaming TV providers have been able to scale quickly and successfully to meet increased demand, and have delivered 42% less buffering, 34% less videos start failures, and 26% higher picture quality as compared to a year ago. It is particularly difficult to deliver high-quality streams for live TV, as many viewers tune in simultaneously to consume the programming. As a result, live streams take 10% longer for the video to start and see 72% more exits before the video starts. Althoug improved year-over-year, there is definitely still room for providers to improve their delivery infrastructure and quality.

While live streaming TV saw significant growth, especially with NFL streaming increasing and the major influence of the World Cup, which drove a 10% bump in traffic during the weeks the tournament was played in Q3, it is surprising that the comparative share of live streaming across all types of streaming remained relatively steady in Q3 year-over-year.

Conviva's State of the Streaming TV Industry