"Catch me if you can"

"Catch me if you can":

Wings for Life World Run registration opens November 13!

On November 13, the time has come to sign up for the Wings for Life World Run 2020. What happens when well over 100,000 people across the globe walk, run, and roll in wheelchairs at the same time for a great cause? Personal goals are reached, lifetime friendships are made and the world comes closer to finding a cure for spinal cord injury. The chase-based format is perfect for all levels of participation, everyone feels the excitement, and each person makes a difference. Registration opens November 13!
Unlike a traditional race, the Wings for Life World Run finish line is mobile - and BEHIND the participants. The iconic Catcher Car starts its engine 30 minutes after the run begins, chasing down the runners one by one until the very last remains. Whether participants are looking to spend a fun day with friends or aiming to achieve high performance, the thrill of trying to stay ahead of the Catcher Car often motivates them to achieve more than they imagined.

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