BVE & LEW - One Week to Go!

Next week from 23 - 25 February BVE will sit at the heart of London Entertainment Week (LEW), attracting its most diverse audience ever. Created following visitor feedback, LEW will transform BVE into the all-encompassing show for the broadcast, media and entertainment industries by adding new components to the show’s DNA, e.g. the AV & Live Theatre, the ultimate knowledge hub for anyone from the AV community, a platform for the discussion of immersive, collaborative and borderless media delivery and the latest AV solutions and requirements.

We currently have BVE Previews online of the following companies:

Amagi  -  Argosy  -  Artel Video  -  Avid  -  Aviwest  -  Axon  -  Bluebell  -  Calrec  -  Camera Corps  -  Cleat-Com  -  Cloud Edits  -  Dynamic Perspective  -  Guntermann & Drunck  -  Garland Partners  -  Grass Valley  -  Ikegami  -  Lemo  -  LiveU  -  Lynx Technik  -  NTP  -  Pixel Power  -  Pixit  -  Riedel  -  Ross Video  -  RTW  -  Sennheiser  -  Sonifex  -  Steadicam  -  Suitcase TV  -  Telestream  -  TVU

The previews will be maintained on a daily basis and the link BVE2016 will always show the growing number of featured companies in alphabetical order.