Athletes and Organisers Hail “Ground-Breaking” Opening Ceremony


Games organisers and athletes alike took time to pay tribute to the spectacular Opening Ceremony which gave the 2014 Olympic Winter Games a rousing start on Friday evening. Sochi 2014 ceremonies producer Konstantin Ernst hailed what he called a “ground-breaking” Opening Ceremony. "We wanted to show Russia from a different perspective,” he said. "Most people did not expect such a sophisticated show from us and I do not want to boast or praise us, but this is a really ground-breaking opening ceremony." Now, fans in Sochi and those watching around the world are hoping the athletes’ performances over the next days live up to the spectacular opening to the Games. Read more in the following stories "Stage is Set in Sochi with Events About to Get Underway" and "NBC Olympics: Two Locations – One Production System" or see the Opening Ceremony in pictures on